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Staten Island Amazon employees claim to have been compromised after previous fires at facility

New York -There was a commotion Amazon Warehouse staten island Employees claimed the company endangered their health after the fire.

On Monday night, about 100 workers marched through a warehouse facility in the Bloomfield section of the borough demanding to be paid and sent home.

Employee Leo Shockey told CBS2’s Ari Bauman, “A dangerous work environment is utter nonsense.”

It all started around 4pm on Monday when a compactor caught fire near the loading dock just before a shift change.

“It was around 5:15pm when I was told I could go home,” says Tristian Martinez in the video.

Half an hour after the daytime workers were told to leave, the night shift workers started arriving. They claim that Amazon’s manager didn’t tell them about the fire.

Employee Brett Daniels said: “There was no message from Amazon at all, so we all came to work in a dangerous environment without a word.

The flames have been extinguished, but employees claim smoke is still present.

“I started feeling congested. I had a headache. It was definitely a lot,” Shockey said.

“They didn’t show us any evidence that it was safe to work there. They just told us to go through it,” Eli Andino added.

In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson told CBS2, “FDNY has certified the building to be safe, and at that time, all night shift employees are required to report to their regularly scheduled shifts. I asked for it,” he said.

However, FDNY told CBS2 it responded to the fire “outside” the building, though it’s unclear if fire officials have ever inspected the interior for damage.

“I don’t think it’s right that they got paid for me to retire when it’s less dangerous for them than it is for me. It’s more like they missed a 10 hour shift than it is for me to go home.” Because you’re losing more money by doing it… hours earlier,” Martinez said.

The ordeal came after months of labor At the same warehouse, Amazon appealed the results and a union vote was held.Since then, contract negotiations have stalled.

No fire injuries were reported. Staten Island Amazon employees claim to have been compromised after previous fires at facility

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