State-wide virus testing centers see an incredibly long line as a surge in demand – CBS New York

Hartford, Connecticut (CBSNewYork / AP) — Increasing demand for coronavirus testing prior to Thanksgiving has created hours of queues throughout Connecticut as providers are scrambling to add capacity and hire new workers.

That’s a total of 260 sites across the state, despite the recent addition of 60 new test sites in the last few weeks.

“We’re doing 20 times more testing than just a few months ago,” said Governor Ned Lamont.

Community Health Center, Inc., which operates 15 test sites throughout the state. Spokesman Leslie Gianelli said the waiting time at these facilities on Thursday was more than two hours.

Similar waits were reported by Hartford Healthcare on eight sites.

Coronavirus pandemic

The Governor’s Office said it is working with all test partners to increase staff, open more test lanes at existing facilities and extend uptime.

Janelli said he is currently hiring about 100 additional workers, from management support to nurses who can manage the tests.

Captain Dave Pitric, a spokesman for the Connecticut National Guard, said he had deployed about 50 Guard and Air Force soldiers to support the test site.

“It can be administrative support, it can be processing samples, and it can actually be using cotton swabs,” he said.

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Hartford HealthCare said it is testing 30,000 to 40,000 this week. We plan to open a new drive-through center at Bradley International Airport on Monday, and recently moved the Hartford center to the convention center and the Norwich center to Dodd Stadium to improve testing capabilities.

“We certainly don’t see a reduction in the tests we need,” said Dr. James Cardon, who runs the Hartford Healthcare testing program. “We thank everyone for their patience, and we understand that this is difficult, but we are particularly focused on trying to improve people so that they are not as confused as they are today. “

He said the system prioritized testing for the first few hours each day for those planning to receive medical treatment.

A Thursday report from Lamont’s office conducted 36,339 tests and reported 2,353 positive tests.

The 7-day moving average positive rate in Connecticut has risen from 3.75% on November 4th to 5.55% on Wednesday in the last two weeks.

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The state health department calculates positive rates differently across the country, but in Connecticut, the Associated Press uses data from the COVID tracking project to calculate rates by dividing new cases by test specimens.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chief Clinical Officer at Hartford Healthcare, said he and other state health professionals expect the current surge in coronavirus cases to peak in late December. ..

“When it comes to hospitalization, we’re just below what we were (in the spring),” he said. “At some point in Connecticut, we plan to reach about 1,500 to 1,600 patients.”

Coronavirus: NY Health Department | NY Call 1- (888) -364-3065 | NYC Health Department | NYC Call 311, Text COVID to 692692 | NJ COVID-19 Information Hub | NJ Phone 1- (800) -222-1222 or 211, Text From NJCOVID 898211 | CT Health Department | CT Call 211 | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Other Coronavirus Related News:

Health corps

Lamont said he has started a “Connecticut Health Corps” where people can volunteer to help during a pandemic.

His office has created a website to recruit emergency apprentice teachers, state contact tracers, test site workers, and other jobs in districts experiencing staff shortages.

Lamont was especially appealing to college students. Many college students return home during the fall semester and the rest of their vacation.

“We have a little fire in our hands, and the more people in the bucket relay, the safer it is for each of you,” he said.

Youth sports

Lamont has announced that it will ban all youth sports in the state until at least January 19.

It coincides with the date set earlier this week by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for the start of the high school winter sports season.

The governor previously allowed the children involved to continue in moderate-risk youth sports such as hockey and basketball if they wore masks while playing.

The move, which goes into effect on Monday, will follow contact tracing, which linked the outbreak between sports teams to the closure of 17 schools and the quarantine of 235 teachers, Lamont said.

“This is the best way to keep the school open a little longer,” he said.

Fined hospital

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital was fined $ 15,422 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor for problems found after death with the help of a nurse related to the coronavirus.

Elva Graveline died on May 19th of complications from COVID-19.

OSHA said it found violations, including the hospital’s failure to establish and implement a written respiratory protection program for workers.

Fiona Ferran, a spokesman for New London Hospital, said the OSHA report did not show staff lacking proper personal protective equipment, citing the hospital as having no written policy in May. He said there was a problem with what was done.

“Given the unprecedented nature of the virus, we do not know of any hospital that implemented such a protocol at the beginning of this pandemic,” she said in a statement. “Our top priority is to protect patients and staff, so our protocol always follows the guidance of experts within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the healthcare system.”

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State-wide virus testing centers see an incredibly long line as a surge in demand – CBS New York

Source link State-wide virus testing centers see an incredibly long line as a surge in demand – CBS New York

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