“Squid Game” smugglers sentenced to death when North Korea cracks down

Totalitarian North KoreaIt’s not just the fictional characters competing in the “squid game” that are at mortal danger.

An unnamed smuggler who distributed a video of a South Korean-made dystopian mega-hit series was executed by firing squad by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to a report this week on Radio Free Asia.

Quoting what it said was an internal source North KoreaA U.S.-funded RFA, a North Korean student who bought a series of banned USB flash drives and shared them with friends is facing life imprisonment, and other students are facing life imprisonment. I reported.

The harsh premise of the “squid game” itself is that the unlucky player participates in a shadowy competition for life-changing prizes, so the harsh crackdown has an ironic element, but it is eliminated along the way. The one was killed.

The Pyeongtaek administration has stepped up efforts to keep South Korea and other foreign media content out, and recently passed a law calling for the death penalty for the sale or surveillance of “reactionary thoughts and culture” from capitalist countries, especially the United States and South Korea. bottom.

According to the RFA, the arrest of “Squid Game” was the first time a new law had been enacted.

South Korea’s growing cultural influence, including the recent Oscar-winning movie Parasite, K-POP’s global fan base, and the current Squid Game, has long dismissed South Korea’s advertiser Kim. Inferior unequal system that caused a special problem in.

After a slight cultural thaw, consistent with President Donald Trump’s diplomatic support at the time of 2018 and 2019 North Korea As relations with both Seoul and Washington have cooled, we have returned to a rigorous censorship campaign against external media and culture.

Earlier this year, Kim accused K-POP of being a “malicious cancer.” If not checked, it could undermine the extreme independence philosophy of his administration.

The success of the “Squid Game” runaway raises yet another challenge as the Korean Series is a top-ranked show in nearly 100 countries around the world.

The smuggled USB flash drive that led to the recent arrest could have come from one of dozens of streaming sites in China that run pirated shows.

China itself is struggling to control transactions with online loss of cultural control that Communist Party leaders fear infecting the country’s youth.

China’s Cyberspace Administration announced a new regulation online on Tuesday after accusing the presence of Chinese and foreign celebrities and their fan base as promoting “luxury joy.”

Celebrities can no longer show off their wealth online, and web personalities and their fans “follow public opinion and good habits, follow the right public opinion and value orientation, promote the core values โ€‹โ€‹of socialism, and have a healthy style. You need to “maintain the taste”. Said in a statement.

For that part, North Korea Condemns the “squid game” and cites its popularity as another example of how the United States uses South Korea’s allies. A recent Pyongyang commentary pointed to South Korea’s own dissatisfaction that US streaming site Netflix claims most of the show’s profits at the expense of South Korean creators.

“Many Korean films, including movies and TV series, have been screened on Netflix and earned billions of dollars, but Korean filmmakers receive only about 10% of their production costs,” said Pyongyang. Meari, the main advertising department, said. Statement at the end of last month.

“They just fill the stomach of American companies,” the statement said.

“Squid Game” smugglers sentenced to death when North Korea cracks down

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