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Spread a little sunshine with these 10 random acts of kindness

IT celebrates and encourages selfless actions to brighten someone’s day with Random Acts Of Kindness Day on Friday.

Samantha Yule and Nick McGrath yoke city ​​center and oxford street in london.


Samantha Yule and Nick McGrath go wild in York city center and London’s Oxford CircusCredit: Doug Seeburg

this is what happened

cuddle: 26-year-old Julian Saunders from York, aka Viking Sigebert, was delighted to join the Jorvik Viking Center visitor attraction in the city.

He said: “I haven’t hugged in a while. Not everyone is a hugger, but I am – and I loved it.”

Take a photo of someone: took a snap Brazilian Tourist Caroline Rocha, 31 years old, make up Artist and her partner, Jonathan Soares, 31, driver.

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Caroline said, “Thank you so much. I was embarrassed to ask people. We will keep this photo and remember your kindness.”

Help new parents: We helped author Joe Cawthorne and his wife, 33-year-old waitress Sarah. Rotherhamclimbing the steep steps of York with three-month-old Seth.

Sarah says: And I’ve found that being kind makes you feel better, too. ”

Send a Bouquet: Mihaela Corniciuc, 30, Beauty Therapist Londonloved her daffodils.

She said: “Thank you, you are very kind. I try every day to be kind to people by smiling, hugging, and doing positive things that can change their day for the better.” I am doing my best.

Give a box of chocolates: OAP Jenny Jobburns was on a day trip to York when we gave her some chocolate.

Surprised, she said.

Thank you very much. ” wellbeing “At work, tell everyone what you’ve done to spread positivity,” said Kate Davis, 42, a consultant from London.

Damian Goudy, 38, purchased from York. It's a Burger King meal.


Damian Goudy, 38, purchased from York. It’s a Burger King meal.Credit: Glen Minikin

Buy a drink for someone in line behind you: yoke uni Faye McManus and Sophie Harwood-Smith from Surrey Wirralboth 20 were shocked to be told they would pay for their hot chocolate at Cocoa Joe’s.

Faye said:

Give your child a toy: Young Wilson Kang was visiting York with his grandparents Paul, 69, and Gil Kang, 66. north yorkssaid: “His face is a picture. He loves it. Thank you very much. There is no limit to the amount of kindness you can show.”

Be dog friendly: Dennis, 59, and Tony Williams, 61, from York, were thrilled when they petted their border terrier, Alfie.

Dennis said: This was much better. ”

Gift Wine: The ecstatic mother of 42, an architect from London, Alinda Barua, said after picking up a bottle of Prosecco:

“It made me feel very dim and warm.

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Help homeless people: Bought Damian Goudy, 38, from York. burger king meal.

Down on his luck with losing his job, Damien said: People seem to be in such a hurry that they can’t see their surroundings. If so, they could be a little more accommodating. ” Spread a little sunshine with these 10 random acts of kindness

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