“Spiral: From Saw’s Book” 4K Ultra HD Movie Review

Darren Lynn Bousman, the sequel director of the famous “Thor”, is the astounding ninth movie in a series that combines a mystery thriller with the familiar human mutilation, and is a big move to continue his beloved franchise this year. I took on the job.

Critics were not impressed, However, with its UHD debut, home theater fans Spiral: From a saw book (Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Rated R, Aspect Ratio 2.39: 1, 93 Minutes, $ 39.99) Living in its eerie origin.

The story tells the story of Ezekiel Banks (Chris), a Grizzly police detective who must work with new partner Detective William Schenkt (Max Minguera) to solve a series of horrific murders of police officers reminiscent of serial killer Jigsaw.・ Find the lock).

While continuing the investigation caused by the horrific death of his ex-partner, Sieg is his landlord, the father of an intimidating retired murder detective, Marcus (Samuel L. Jackson), and his subsequent fellow officers. I have become a dirty policeman who has to deal with long-standing problems with.

Zeke gets caught up in a twisted game as the killer begins to leave the box of body parts as a clue.

As always, the demonic traps set by the murderers leave a pile of bloody human genocide (I especially hate fingers being torn graphically from my hands), but unfortunately the traps are. Uninspired, Plot has become a dramatic actor who doesn’t bring anything new to the series except for the fine and mature comedians.

Yes, Mr. Rock carried a mediocre movie, thanks to the edgy humor unleashed like a sharp knife, filling his Serpico-type policeman character with bitterness and hatred for his world. I am.

“Saw” fans, the voice of the killer and his absurd message (sounds like Nedley Arson in “Groundhog Days”), the lack of appearance due to the original jigsaw, and the sudden, astounding, unsatisfying ending. You will not be impressed by.

However, 4K transfer provides the clearest and most colorful presentation you can expect, given the source material of your digital camera that captures up to 6K of visual information.

Of course, it’s not so good for those squeaks during those bloody and overly brutal killings.

Best extras: Viewers who love this movie will really understand the unnecessary overload of movie deconstruction on 4K discs starting with two optional commentary tracks.

First, the fiery Lynn Busman, who can hear a bit of the game show announcer, and co-writer Josh Stolberg and all the “Thor” movie musical composers Charlie Clouser cast, crew, and theirs. effort.

The best of the two tracks is not only to get the perspective of the music director, but also to have the trio work together to ask each other questions to dig into the film and bring about more memories.

Next, producers Oren Koules and Mark Burg offer a less talkative, but deeper production commentary and a perspective on the Saw franchise. They cost $ 300,000 for a subway set (most of the “seen” movies), steady cams, human tongue length, and clashes with directors in scenes with rejected actors. The curse that taught me the point.

Now let’s add a five-chapter, one-hour documentary on filmmaking, starting with the origins of the franchise and jumping into new works covering casting, comedy, cinematography, editing and music. Viewers get a lot of comments as Rock tries to explain how to create the “48 Hours” and “Seven” stories.

The layer of eruption is a bit more, but it’s a much more detailed, informative, and well-structured overview than it deserves in the movie.

The director also provides a detailed 9-minute breakdown of the traps. This also does a great job of explaining the movie magic of a not-so-good movie.

Viewers can also watch the marketing of the “Saw” franchise, which often discusses iconic posters, for six minutes.

I wish “Spiral: From Saw’s Book” was as good as the cast and crew’s evaluation.

It is enough to report. Fans will want to own this package, but the extras far outweigh the final movie.

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“Spiral: From Saw’s Book” 4K Ultra HD Movie Review

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