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SpaceX launches Falcon 9 on SXM-7 mission

Cape Canaveral, Florida-The SpaceX team successfully launched the Falcon 9 rocket from Florida on Sunday after the launch on Friday was scrubbed with 30 seconds remaining in the countdown due to strong winds.

The launch took place at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base with the mission of deploying a new satellite for the wireless subscription service SiriusXM.

This process was divided into three steps: engine cutoff, stage separation, and a second engine start.

Following the stage separation, SpaceX landed the first stage of Falcon 9 on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship in the Atlantic Ocean. Half of the Falcon 9 fairing previously supported the ANASIS-II mission in July 2020.

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A successful landing made him the seventh of this particular booster, with 69 successful recovery of the first stage of Falcon 9.

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SpaceX launches Falcon 9 on SXM-7 mission

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