South Africa is considering “darkening” the sun so that it doesn’t run out of water

It sounds like a plot lifted from a sci-fi flick, but scientists have suggested forever darkening the sun to save South Africa from deadly dry spells.

A headache plan requires a large amount of gas to be pumped into the atmosphere above Cape Town to maintain a local water supply.

It reminds us of the sun’s plot in the 2007 science fiction movie, where scientists head for the bold mission of rekindling the dying sun with a nuclear bomb in 2057.

Advocated by experts at the University of Cape Town, the plan is expected to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a water crisis involving the city.

The fear of the “Day Zero” drought that hits the area (where there is not enough water for everyone) has been brewed for years.

Studies show that as the climate crisis strengthens control of our planet, the chances of such a dry spell attacking Cape Town will triple by 2100.

In a study published last week in the journal Environmental Research Letters, scientists outlined one ridiculous way to avoid such a catastrophe.

The plan is reported by the South African newspaper The Mail and Guardian for both climatic and geopolitical impacts.

In their treatise, researchers propose to inject particles of sulfur dioxide gas into the Earth’s upper atmosphere above Cape Town.

The gas forms huge clouds above the city, reflecting sunlight and darkening the environment below the ground.

Sci-fi tactics can reduce the chances of a Day Zero drought hit Cape Town by up to 90 percent, according to researchers.

The goal is to prevent the climate in Cape Town from deteriorating as the century progresses and to maintain the current probability of a drought.

“Our findings offset the projected end-of-the-century risk of Day Zero-level drought by maintaining global mean temperatures at 2020 levels through SAI, offsetting the risk of such drought. It suggests keeping it at the same level as it is today, “the team wrote. Their treatise.

Researchers emphasized that the findings should not be seen as an alternative to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cape Town was closest to Day Zero in 2017, when the city’s dam capacity fell below 13% due to the 384-year drought.

The city was said to be weeks away from stopping civilian taps, sending troops, and distributing water for daily food.

According to Mail and Guardian, approving a crazy new plan will certainly be a challenge for scientists.

Experts have previously criticized the idea of ​​injecting gas into the atmosphere to curb the effects of global warming, calling it “potentially dangerous interference with the climate system.”

In a December 2018 paper, science advocacy group Climate Analytics stated that the implementation of such a system “is likely to cause large-scale conflicts between nations.”

South Africa is considering “darkening” the sun so that it doesn’t run out of water

Source link South Africa is considering “darkening” the sun so that it doesn’t run out of water

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