Son stuck with abusive wife | Advice

Annie Lane

Dear Annie: My son hasn’t talked to me for eight years. He married a woman he met online in six months.

I was very hesitant about him getting married to a stranger right away. I am a mother who wants a happy life for her children.

About eight years ago, I had surgery and sent a text message to my son asking why he didn’t come to see me or call me. I got a reply, but not from my son. It was from his wife. This is what she said: “Well, he has a family now, and we come first, and he will contact you when he can.” Then she and I I exchanged some words in the text.

So late that night I went to talk to my son directly and talked about the contempt that his wife showed, and he almost endorsed her. I know she is his wife, but I am his mother. After that, he stopped talking to me and moved to Florida. But now he’s back in the same city where I live.

I heard he had memory weakness, so I called him to the hospital to provide support. She said that the last time I talked to him before he was released, he told him that his wife had a dream of me hoping he wouldn’t go well.

It really upset me, and after he was released from the hospital he cut off all contact with me again. He now lives with my daughter. I’m not talking to her daughter because her daughter lives at home.

Son stuck with abusive wife | Advice

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