Snoop Dogg says you may have to buy Twitter while Elon Musk’s bid is pending

Rapper Snoop Dogg could rush to buy Twitter now that Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion bid to buy a social media company is pending.

Friday mask announcement The transaction is “temporarily held” Beyond the number of fake accounts on the site, he urged the “Drop It Like It Hot” singer to make his own news.

“I might buy two Twitters right now,” Snoop said. Tweet..

As the boss of Twitter, the rapper has come up with a set of new rules for the company. This includes changing boards, providing confirmed accounts to everyone, and introducing free internet on planes.

“I’m going to replace the board with the fish fry Jimmy, Tommy Chong, and CNBC’s ponytail guy in my corner,” he writes. “Everyone gets a blue checkmark. Even a 10-letter bot on the name that hit you in DM, just say” hello “. No, f–k those bots. “

He tweeted later. Free internet on the plane !!! $ 29 an hour is the Bulls. “

Twitter stock went on a roller coaster on Friday and fell almost 10 percent after musk Relay the stagnation of transactions..

“Twitter transactions are temporarily suspended, and details are pending to support the calculation that spam / fake accounts are actually less than 5% of users,” said Tesla’s CEO. Said in an early tweet on Friday 5:44 am

Since then, the stock price of the social media giant has fallen by more than 25% in pre-market transactions to $ 33.79. This is well below the mask’s marijuana-themed purchase price of $ 54.20, indicating that investors were betting that the deal wouldn’t close.

At 7:50 am, Musk tweeted again, saying “we’re still working on an acquisition.”

Twitter shares have wiped out some of the losses and were hovering around $ 40 just before the market closed on Friday. Still, it’s about 11% lower than where it closed the day before.

If the Twitter deal is closed, Mask indicates his intention to crack down on the bot.
Getty Images from Dimitrios Kambouris / The Met Museum / Vogue

If Twitter deals are closed, Mask states that cracking down on spam accounts and bots will be a top priority.

The billionaire also vowed to buy Twitter’s shareholders and keep the company private. He also intends to revise the company’s content moderation policy, which has resulted in a ban on controversial figures, many of which are based on political rights.

Snoop Dogg says you may have to buy Twitter while Elon Musk’s bid is pending

Source link Snoop Dogg says you may have to buy Twitter while Elon Musk’s bid is pending

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