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Small plane crashes into Los Angeles hillside, killing one

The wreckage of a small plane was found after it disappeared from radar in dense fog while flying over Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Mountains. The pilot, believed to be the only one on board, died.

The incident began just before 8 p.m. Saturday when air traffic control lost radar contact with a small plane flying near Stone Canyon Road and Mulholland Drive in Sherman Oaks, east of the San Diego Freeway. .

The plane, believed to be a Cessna 172, was flying from Bermuda Dunes Airport near Palm Springs to either Santa Monica or Van Nuys airports. It is believed that only the pilot was on board.

“LAFD helicopters and ground personnel searched the area covered in heavy fog for nearly an hour before the LAFD helicopters identified signals from the aircraft’s emergency positioning radio beacons,” a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department said. Mann, Brian Humphrey said.

Signals were received in the area of ​​Beverly Glen Terrace and Beverly Glen Boulevard, but the exact location remained unknown.Authorities also worked with the pilot’s cell phone carrier to pinpoint the plane’s location.

The search ended shortly after 11:00 pm, when firefighters found debris on a steep hillside above a house at 3045 Beverly Glen Circle in the Beverly Crest area.

“LAFD responders found one fatality at the scene,” Humphrey said in an update. A search of the immediate vicinity will be conducted to confirm that no one is there.”

The identity of the victim was not immediately revealed.

The plane’s last reported position before the crash (Credit: FlightRadar24) Small plane crashes into Los Angeles hillside, killing one

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