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Hundreds of meals distributed at Harlem’s food bankIn Harlem, there was a great deal of effort to help feed hundreds of families on Wednesday.

New York Weather: CBS211 / 25 11:00 pm Night ForecastCBS2’s Ronnie Quintar has a weather forecast for November 25th at 11:00 pm

A driver in custody after a car hits the outdoor dining area of ​​Greenwich VillageThe driver has been detained after the car crashed into the Greenwich Village outdoor dining area.

President Trump pardons Michael Flynn and President Biden makes an urgent pleaPresidential election Joe Biden made an urgent petition on the eve of Thanksgiving while President Donald Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, a key figure in Russia’s investigation. Dick Brennan of CBS2 reports.

Make many adjustments to the Thanksgiving Eve tradition in a pandemicThe pandemic disrupts many holiday traditions, including balloon inflation in large parades. Ali Bauman of CBS2 details how people are starting their unique holiday season.

Due to the stricter COVID restrictions in the tri-state area, some people travel outside the state for Thanksgiving.Some Americans have ignored COVID’s concerns and are on the road to Thanksgiving, while others remain close to their homes. Meanwhile, new restrictions have been enforced in some parts of the tri-state area. Reported by Cory James of CBS2.

Turkish dinner given to families in Freeport, Long IslandFreeport is a difficult time as the village is at risk called COVID microclusters. Wednesday was well thanks to the struggling students, teachers and parental volunteers.

New York Weather: CBS211 / 25 6pm Evening Weather ForecastCBS2’s Ronnie Quintar has a 6 pm weather forecast for November 25th

Brooklyn man released from rehab after a long COVID battleA Brooklyn man who has been fighting the coronavirus since April has returned home for Thanksgiving.

Long Island Turkey Farm Seeing High Demand Prior to ThanksgivingFarm-to-table demand is high on this holiday, and many people head to turkey farms to pick up their favorite poultry on Long Island. Jennifer Macrogan of CBS2 reports.

Councilor Bedford-Stuyvesant calls for more action to combat gun violence in the communityA few days after the death of a 20-year-old woman in a mass shooting, Bedford-Stuyvesant city council member returned to the neighborhood with resources. He hopes that gun violence is seen as a public health problem and its root cause will eventually be resolved. CBS2 Aundrea Cline-Thomas Report.

Surveillance Video: Cars drive into Greenwich Village’s outdoor dining areaSurveillance video shows a car driving into the outdoor dining area of ​​Greenwich Village on Wednesday.

New Jersey COVID test location sees a long line before ThanksgivingCOVID-19 inspection sites throughout New Jersey have long lines left as people rush to see negative results before Thanksgiving. Reported by Meg Baker of CBS2.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reveals she had a miscarriage in the summerIn a New York Times opinion piece, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, revealed that she had a miscarriage in July. She wants her experience to encourage everyone to ask the question, “Are you okay?” Hazel Sanchez of CBS2 reports.

Veterinarians provide Thanksgiving pet safety tipsVeterinarians are asking pet owners to consider some tips for keeping their furry friends safe during Thanksgiving celebrations.

Should we discuss politics during Thanksgiving?After the fiercely contested elections, some Thanksgiving conversations were offensive. Should I avoid talking about politics with family and friends? Carolyn Guzov of CBS2 reports.

Rare steps to fix fetal spinal cord problemsThe new family is grateful for the amazing surgery on the fetus. Rare procedures fixed serious spinal cord problems and gave the baby the opportunity to walk. Dr. Max Gomez of CBS2 reports.

Broadway community rally to support Covenant House despite shutdownBroadway lights dim during the pandemic, but the theater’s creative community shines brightly as one of its favorite legitimate reasons to help homeless teens. Reported by Tony Airo of CBS2.

Nearly 1 million Sunbeam Crock-Pots have been recalledJust before Thanksgiving, there is a consumer warning about a large-scale deceased recall.

Parents protest outside Gracie Mansion to demand reopening of New York City schoolFrustrated parents sent a message to the mayor’s front door on Wednesday, asking them to return their children to the classroom in December. CBS2 political reporter Masha Kramer has a story.

Brothers helping feed hundreds at Thanksgiving in honor of their mother who died in COVID-19The two North Jersey brothers and restaurant owners who lost their mother in COVID-19 are taking advantage of their pain to love this vacation even more. Reported by Lisa Rosner of CBS2.

Homeless men living in the Lucerne Hotel have to moveThere’s new information about the controversy surrounding the transformed hotel in the Upper West Side homeless shelter. The judge ruled that men living in Lucerne must move. It concludes months of proceedings and complaints from neighbors. Reported by Andrea Grymes of CBS2.

President Biden delivers a pre-Thanksgiving message while President Trump pushes groundless claims about electionsPresident Donald Trump continues to push unfounded claims about elections. Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden delivered a pre-Thanksgiving message to the country. Dick Brennan of CBS2 reports.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Amnesty of President TrumpPresident Donald Trump has announced that he has pardoned former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Small Businesses Don’t Hesitate to Attract Shoppers During the Holiday Season – Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Transportation, and New York’s Best

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