Singapore shows a break from Asia’s pandemic policy

As Western nations begin to lift travel and travel restrictions, many Asian governments that succeeded in preventing the outbreak of Covid-19 last year appear to be happy to maintain long-term restrictions. But in Singapore, that may change soon.

Singapore’s Ministers of Finance, Trade and Health outlined their new approach At The Straits Times Last week: City-states gradually shift to a “live with Covid-19” strategy over the next few months, rather than trying to stop this altogether and crush the outbreak with aggressive contact tracing and quarantine. To do.

The country, along with China, is one of the few places in the region that has achieved rapid vaccination. Most of the developed Asia-Pacific region is far behind. As of June 21, Singapore had 86 doses per 100 people, Australia had 26 doses, Hong Kong had 44 doses, and Japan had 28 doses.

Singapore has more advanced vaccination programs and can discuss openness, but the new policies also reflect new regional differences.With australia Mainland ChinaIn particular, despite plans to vaccinate the adult population long before that, there seems to be no intention of meaningfully opening it to the outside world within the next 12 months. Public debate about the fact that resumption must eventually occur may also spur higher vaccination rates in areas with relatively low intakes, such as Hong Kong.

Several other parts of Asia are moving in the same direction through financial needs.Thailand is testing the reopening of Phuket For vaccinated tourists From July, the Prime Minister of the country explicitly mentioned the calculated risks posed by economic pressure on citizens.

Singapore shows a break from Asia’s pandemic policy

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