Shohei Ohtani defeats the best 13 batters of his career with the Angels victory

Anaheim, CA — Shohei Ohtani adheres to rigorous daily life in almost every aspect of his life. When his latest mound start was delayed by 12 minutes by the Angels’ 2002 World Series Champion pre-game ceremony, he hit his meticulous preparation before throwing the pitch.

The slightly bumpy beginning led to a second consecutive and incredible night for the two-way superstar.

Otani hit a career-high 13 with eight innings of two hits, and ALMVP also reached the base three times with a 5-0 victory in Los Angeles against Kansas City Royals on Wednesday.

Otani (6-4) retired 16 straight royals and 23 of the last 24 batters after giving up two singles and delaying one. While consistent with the longest start of his major league career, he allowed only one base runner in the last seven innings — on a walk that was quickly erased by a double play.

“I think the biggest thing was to raise that zero in the first inning after giving up the first two hits,” Otani said through his interpreter. “I was able to do that, and it set the tone of the game. I wanted to go as long as possible, but I didn’t really think about pitch counting early in the game.”

Shohei Ohtani

Against the backdrop of a rare Southern California thunderstorm that illuminates the sky far beyond the Big-A centerfield, Otani also walked the plate once and twice with his latest inspiring two-way performance.

Otani hit two home runs in three runs, hit eight runs, lost one inning, and then hit Emmanuel Rivera in the final pitch of 108 innings, setting a new personal best in strikeouts.

“He just carried us on his back,” said Phil Nevin, interim manager of the Angels. “I thought about putting him in 8th place, and he was determined:’No. This is mine. I’m staying.” … What a day. How wonderful his performance is! “

David McKinnon won his first major league hit with the Angels’ seventh RBI single. The Angels avoided the series sweep with a total of six games and a fourth victory. Luis Rengoo had an RBI double in the seventh inning before scoring the single to the right by McKinnon, who won his first career RBI two innings on a sacrifice fly.

After scoring 18 runs in the previous two games at Angel Stadium, the Royals were shut out for the second time in four days and for the tenth time this season. Kansas City still has 5 out of 7.

“It was an exhibition,” said Royals manager Mike Matheny. “This is a very unique pitch repertoire. I don’t think you can find a guy with as many weapons as we saw today. He was throwing cutters and curves in addition to three different sliders. . When the split begins, it’s when the strikeout actually begins to occur, and he has 100 (mph) in a tank that he barely showed … it’s going to be a tough day on the plate. “

Shohei Ohtani (left) is Andrew Velazquez, who made a high five after the Angels defeated the Royals 5-0.
Shohei Ohtani (left) is Andrew Velazquez, who made a high five after the Angels defeated the Royals 5-0.

Otani has recently been invincible on the mound, allowing only one run in his last 20 innings with three starts. At his recent home start two weeks ago, he threw a one-run ball of seven innings and went home with a snap win of the Angels franchise record 14-game skid.

Whit Merrifield and Andrew Benintendi singled in the first two at-bats with Otani of the Royals, but then defeated all the batters they faced until Merrifield made a one-out walk in the sixth inning.

Otani’s fastball surpassed 99 mph twice in the second half of his start while confusing Kansas City, winning a total of 34 strikes on swing-and-miss or cold strikes.

Daniel Lynch (3-7) wasn’t effective for the Royals early on, but left-handed players were witty about the Angels until they loaded the base in 5th place with two walks and infield hits. It has shut down. Lynch, who left after McKinnon’s sacrifice fly, gave up three hits and five walks on his career’s best 104 pitches.

Mike Trout took a rest day for the Angels, and their struggling lineup clearly lacked punch. However, McKinnon came in as an unlikely cleanup hitter for the team and won his first major league hit after being summoned for his MLB debut last weekend.

McKinnon was pleased with his groundbreaking swing, but other aspects of the game also excited him.

“I had to play on the field behind Shohei and see how good he was,” McKinnon said. “It’s crazy to be here.”

Shohei Ohtani defeats the best 13 batters of his career with the Angels victory

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