Sher visits Pakistan to help “the loneliest elephant in the world”

Islamabad (AP)-Illustrated singer and actress Cher planned to visit Pakistan on Friday to celebrate the departure of Carban, known as the “World’s Lonely Elephant.” And activists.

Due to security concerns, Sher’s schedule wasn’t announced, but “she’s on the way,” said Martin Bauer of Vienna-based animal welfare group Fourpo International, who led the indictment to save Carvan. It was.

The elephant was debilitated at the zoo for 35 years and lost its partner in 2012. I was diagnosed by a veterinarian earlier this year as both overweight and malnourished, and I also have behavioral problems. He will leave for the sanctuary of Cambodia on Sunday.

Sher has taken up Carban’s cause and made a loud voice insisting on his resettlement. Four Paws, who frequently perform animal rescue missions, provided Kaavan with the necessary treatment before traveling. The battle for his relocation began in 2016.

“Thanks to Sher as well as local Pakistani activists, Carban’s fate has become a hot topic all over the world, which has helped facilitate his transfer,” Bauer told The Associated Press on Friday.

After staying in Cambodia, Bauer said he would need years of physical and psychological support.

Due to the terrible living conditions blamed for general negligence, the Pakistani High Court in May ordered the closure of the Margazar Zoo in the capital of Islamabad, where Carban has lived much of his life.

A medical examination in September showed that Carvan’s nails were cracked and overgrown. This is the result of having lived in an improper enclosure with a floor for years and injuring his leg.

The elephant also took stereotyped behavior, shaking his head back and forth for hours, and a team of wildlife veterinarians and specialists accused him of complete boredom.

For the past three months, the Four Paws team, including veterinarian Dr. Amil Khalil and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Commission, is preparing Kaavan to leave. Members of the welfare organization also go to the sanctuary with him.

Bauer praised the powerful impact of celebrity voices on animal rights.

“Celebrities who lend their voice to a legitimate purpose are always welcomed, as they help to initiate public discourse and put pressure on responsible authorities,” he said.

“There are famous animal lovers and non-famous animal lovers around the world. The support of all of them is extremely important,” he added.

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Sher visits Pakistan to help “the loneliest elephant in the world”

Source link Sher visits Pakistan to help “the loneliest elephant in the world”

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