Sexy landscape architects expose everything in the 2021 charity calendar

They are growers and showers!

Bravo’s “Backyard Envy” landscaper has removed it all — and we’re not talking about hedge trimming, honey.

For the Manscapers NY2021 Charity Calendar, Manscapers NY founders James DeSantis, Mel Brasier and Garrett Magee have joined a team of skilled gardeners and construction workers to become natural in the most beautiful vegetation on the planet. ..

“We wanted to spotlight the community, celebrate the company’s efforts, and, of course, do something to provide plenty of visual feed,” said Manscapers NY co-owner. Yes, a self-proclaimed plant whisper, Maggie, 35 years old.

“Calendars bring a little beauty to others’ homes throughout the year, and it shows what we know best: beautiful plants and beautiful people,” DeSantis added. It was.

A 100% pledge for a calendar sale will result in a colorful assortment of 12 charities such as the Black Trans Travel Fund, Feed America, Urban Garden Initiative, City Harvest and Grow NYC. Magee, DeSantis and Brasier choose a special foundation that will benefit from their respective Manscapers models.

“We have all donated to these charities for years,” said DeSantis. “So it’s really important for us to be able to do something publicly, in our voice, and visually.”

The Manscapers NY 2021 Calendar features stunning visuals taken by photographer Sam Waxman and fun monthly tips and tricks on gardening, landscaping and design. Following the calendar, the company plans to release a gardening book, Take It Outside, this spring.

The founder of Brooklyn-based Manscapers NY, bound by a common passion for fashion, horticulture and LGBT + community revitalization, has sprouted the best for nearly 20 years and launched the company in Williamsburg eight years ago. I did.

The landscaping trio has been pruned in the predicament of 2020, providing a safer space for clients who are busier and in need than ever this year.

“Currently, the garden is really the only space, so many people are in contact with us to strengthen the garden,” Maggie said. “And it gives them joy for us to beautify their garden.”

“We made our clients say: The space you created for us literally saved our family. You provided a sanctuary,” Brasier said. “Especially now it feels good to help people feel more comfortable at home.”

Sexy landscape architects expose everything in the 2021 charity calendar

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