“Sex and the City” was not a feminist

It’s poetic that Candace Bushnell and Carrie Bradshaw (the alter ego she created nearly 25 years ago) returned to occupy New York City at the same time.

One of the author’s women’s shows, “Do you still have sex in the city?Will premiere off Broadway next month — and the sequel to the lively Sex and the City, “And just like that. .. ..Will start HBO Max After a few weeks.

“This is a coming-of-age story … That’s how I created the Carrie Bradshaw, why I created the Carrie Bradshaw, and what happened to me after that,” Bushnell said. ..

“It’s really Carrie Bradshaw’s creative story — and it’s my story.”

Bushnell, who divorced at the age of 62, still talks a lot about New York City dating in his 2019 novel.Do you still have sex in the city?“She is worried about” cubbing “(when a young man chases an older woman) and vaginal rejuvenation.

Writer Candace Bushnell, who created “Sex and the City” 25 years ago, will soon appear on a woman’s off-Broadway show “Does the city still have sex?”At the Darryl Ross Theater
Joan Marcus

It was around that time that she began to ponder the idea of ​​a woman’s performance with the help of director Lorin Rataro. The preview will begin on November 13th at the Darryl Ross Theater, and the show (Bushnell’s poodles Pepper and Planter will act as walk-ons) will begin on December 7th.

There is only one thing she doesn’t like. “You need to wear spanx!”

A few years ago, Bushnell settled with her legacy after she claimed she wouldn’t answer any more questions about “Carrie Bradshaw, which doesn’t really exist.” But that doesn’t mean she’s not critical of “Sex and the City.”

“I don’t watch TV shows like others do. I don’t analyze them little by little. It’s a great show, it’s really interesting. But I have fans. It’s like the show really guides them, “she said.

Landing Mr. Big should not be a takeaway, she added.

Candace Bushnell reveals why Mr. Big's landing isn't that great.
Candace Bushnell reveals why Mr. Big’s landing isn’t that great.
Emmy Park

“In reality, finding a man may not be the best financial choice in the long run. Men are very dangerous to women in different ways. We never talk about this. , That’s what women need to think about: you can do much less .. .. when you have to rely on a man, “Bushnell told the post. “Television shows and messages weren’t very feminists in the end.

“But it’s television. It’s entertainment. That’s why people shouldn’t live on television.”

She is certainly not surprised that “SATC” is back.

“HBO intends to make money with it. They intend to use it as much as possible,” Bushnell said. “They restarted’Gossip Girl’. It would be really strange if they didn’t restart’Sexinthe City’. “

“I don’t know anything about what the new show will be,” Bushnell added. She will see the sequel. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, who play iconic roles such as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. , Each.

“Of course I’m going to see it … I hope it lasts for six seasons. I’m getting a little money,” she said with a laugh.

Bushnell on Grove Street in West Village.

Bushnell on Grove Street in West Village.

Bushnell on Grove Street in West Village.

Bushnell on Grove Street in West Village.

Bushnell on Grove Street in West Village.

But one friend Bushnell may not talk about it Kim Cattrall — Samantha, also known as “SATC” — People who never come back.

As Post reported over the past few years, Cattrall felt frozen from her co-star’s tight creek — news that shocked fans who wanted to believe the actress was near the camera.

“My mom asked me today,’That @sarahjessicaparker, when does the hypocrite leave you?’ Cattrall wrote in an Instagram post in 2018. She also follows. “Copy and paste [the] Link to a post titled “Link”In the culture of the average girl who destroyed Sex and the City.. “”

“I love Kim,” Bushnell said. “But she seems to want to do something else and doesn’t want to do the show. Maybe she doesn’t want to be that character anymore. Maybe she doesn’t want to wear spanx. Let’s do it!

“In real life, those women aren’t their characters — they’re the opposite. Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s married to the same man forever. She has children. I don’t know her well. However, it seems to be for families. [in a way Carrie is not].. “

The author pointed out that there is another big difference between Carrie and SJP, and between SJP and Bushnell itself.

Chris Noth (right) returns with
Chris Noth (right) returns with “and just like that …”, but Candace Bushnell doesn’t think Big is the best goal for women.
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“”[Parker] I am rich.She hasn’t put the sweater in the oven [instead of a closet, like Carrie once did], all right? When she was in her twenties, she was a huge success. I wasn’t, and I was scared. “

At her Off-Broadway show, Bushnell tells the story of her own origins growing up in Glastonbury, Connecticut, with her father who helped invent the hydrogen fuel cell essential to the Apollo space mission.

She moved to New York at 19:00 for only $ 20 in her pocket and was scared “every minute” on the street. .. .. I couldn’t walk half a block without being harassed. In other words, I was really harassed. I’m just harassing you. I just feel embarrassed because I feel like I’m not shrinking. “

You need to understand “How can I handle this?” Bushnell remembered. Her tactic was to tell her harassers “F–k you, f–kers!”. Because it cannot be eliminated. “

For Bushnell, “Sex and the City” was by no means just about the physical act of sex.

“It was a bigger idea of ​​what was sexy. Doing business is sexy, ambitious is sexy, staying up until 4am, parties are sexy. Power conversations are sexy. You’ll reach the number one table in the restaurant-it’s sexy, “she recalled. “New York was sexy. It was exciting, but at the same time it was full of mines like Harvey Weinstein.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

Candice in Balthazar, New York.

“These men are scary. I actually saw them and wondered,” Why can women be around them? ” “

From 1994 to 1996, Bushnell wrote an observer’s date column, which became her book “Sex and the City.” The rights were taken up by her friend Darren Star, a television producer, and became an HBO show. (“You really aren’t making as much money as you think,” she said about it.)

“That’s my story, my friends’ story, a single woman in her thirties,” she recalled. “We have never seen this character before. A woman who was exploring her life, her choice … She was married in her twenties and had no children.

“It was about a new woman coming to New York to be like a man.”

At the age of 43, Bushnell, who had no children, married New York City Ballet dancer Charles Askegard for 10 years.they Divorced 9 years later In a report of his alleged case with a ballerina Georgina Pascogin..

Candice is a friend of the exiled Kim Cattrall of
Candice is a friend of the exiled Kim Cattrall of “SATC” (left, with Bushnell in 2005), but will see a reboot of the series without Cattrall.
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“She was a young woman. Working, traveling and dancing with her 23-year-old husband after her 42-year-old husband creates an uncompetitive situation,” says Bushnell. “It’s just the law of weak meat and strong food.”

She has seen her only once since their dissolution. “We laughed a couple of times,” the author told The Post. “There are people who say that when they come into your life, you have never seen them before, and they leave your life, you will never see them later. increase.”

Bushnell spends time between Manhattan and Sag Harbor.Real Estate Advisor / Consultant in 2019 Post Story Despite Breaking Up With Jim Coleman She said, “Mr. Greater.” Bushnell mysteriously hinted that the two hadn’t finished their romance completely, but didn’t elaborate.

Asked if she thinks her obituary would be “Candace Bushnell-the creator of’Sex and the City’,” the author said: “Sex and the City” becomes one.

“I don’t think much about the show. I’ve written seven books since then. That’s what I’m really interested in because each one talks about women at different times in life. is.”

“Sex and the City” was not a feminist

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