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Severe water shortage witnessed during Ramzan in Karachi

Islamabad [Pakistan]April 3 (ANI): Severe water shortages during Ramzan, combined with worst gas crisis and power load shedding in some parts of Karachi, as water supply from one of Karachi’s main supply lines Adding to the misery of the people, the water and sewage department was disrupted by Sunday’s sudden power outage, Dawn reported.

Water supplies continued to affect entire cities. However, after a K-Electric power outage at the Dhabezi pumping station at 11:05 a.m. (local time) affected a 72-inch diameter power line, the worst affected areas were Randi, Korangi, These were Khaidabad, Bin Qasim, and adjoining areas. ).

In some areas, people protested the lack of tap water availability in their respective areas. Residents of the enraged buffer zone protested against the water utility in front of his pumping station in Najmabad, holding slogans and calling for the immediate restoration of water supply to the area.

Residents said their area had not had a drop of water for the past three weeks. People have threatened to protest in front of KWSB headquarters if water supplies are not restored to their areas, Dawn reports.

Residents of some areas such as Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Mohammad Ali Society, Malir, Shah Faisal Colony, Surjani Town, New Karachi, Garden, Saddar, Defense Housing Authority, Clifton, etc., have had their own areas since before Ramazan. It said there was no water supply.

According to news reports, some residents claimed the man-made water crisis was created in collusion with water utility staff, forcing people in these areas to buy water from tankers at higher rates. Did.

Speaking to Dawn, a water utility insider revealed that more than 550 million gallons of water per day are being supplied to the city’s main pump station in Dhabezi, which requires more than 1,100 MGD. bottom. According to insiders, 40% of water is lost or stolen before it reaches consumers.

News reports say there are numerous leaks in water utility supply lines, wasting millions of gallons each day. It is

Meanwhile, a water authority spokeswoman said restoration work was underway on the 72-inch line affected by the blackout. He further said repair work on the affected lines will be completed in the next 24 hours, adding that water supply to the city continues through an alternate line. (Ani) Severe water shortage witnessed during Ramzan in Karachi

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