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Senator Johnson says Sasman’s trial revealed Clinton’s corruption

Republican Senator Ron Johnson said the exposure from the federal trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sasman reveals the level of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election, DC swamp and media corruption. Stated.

With a stunning testimony last week, Lobby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager told the jury that he “agreeed” to cultivate the allegations that have been uncovered since then, linking the Trump campaign to the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank and the media.

“We have a Hillary Clinton campaign Steel documents. But now we’re discovering that the entire Alfa Bank hoax … is all made up, “Johnson, Wisconsin told the host. John Cazimatidis On his WABC radio show at 770 am.

“They used individuals with a Pentagon contract to mine this data and develop some reasoning that Trump was colluding with Russia so they could report it to the FBI. [which could then] … Report it to the American people as an October surprise, ”Johnson said in an interview aired on Sunday.

Michael Sussman is being tried in federal court in Washington, DC, for lying to the FBI in September 2016.
Jose Ismagana / AP

Testimony of special counsel John Durham’s proceeding against Sasman, He said he outlined the “major scandal” that began last week.

“The fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign produced the entire hoax of this Russian collusion and the FBI … concluded that this was ridiculous-it’s BS … but they still installed the Mueller probe,” Wisconsin said. Senator said.

“What has been revealed to the American public is A: Hillary Clinton Campaign, B: FBI and the highest level of corruption in the Justice Department,” he said.

John Durham.
John Durham’s proceedings against Michael Sussman began last week.
Ministry of Justice via AP

Johnson also said how involved he was as people like U.S. intelligence and former CIA director John Brennan explained to the Obama administration that “Hillary Clinton is about to approve this kind of operation.” He said he had “questions.”

“U.S. government law enforcement agencies knew that Clinton’s campaign had taken place so far, but nevertheless brought a four-year political turmoil to the United States based on lies developed by Hillary Clinton. “He said.

Sasman is being tried in federal court in Washington, DC, for lying to the FBI in September 2016.

Durham’s prosecutor said Sasman denied working on behalf of Clinton’s campaign or technical executive Rodney Joffy. At that time-FBI General Counsel, James Baker He then submitted data allegedly showing the relationship between the Trump campaign and Alfa Bank.

Johnson said the media has spread the hoax of Clinton’s campaign and is colluding with the election of President Biden.

Michael Zusman.
John Durham’s prosecutor said Michael Sussman denied working for Clinton’s campaign or technical executive Rodney Joffy when he met James Baker, then FBI legal counsel. I am.
Manuel Barse Seneta / AP
Donald Trump.
Senator Ron Johnson said media involvement in the scandal allowed Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.
Ross D. Franklin / AP

“Hillary Clinton on the issue of Alfa Bank said,” I just heard about this in the news. ” no! Their campaign has instilled it in the news, and of course, those media outlets that had stories, “he said on a radio show.

“I knew that Hillary Clinton was telling a lie. Still, they continued this story, this hoax. Why? Because they are not journalists. They are far-left defenders. They didn’t want Donald Trump to win, “Johnson said.

He went on to point out that with media involvement in the scandal, Biden defeated Donald Trump in 2020, pointing out the immigration crisis, the highest level of inflation in 40 years, and the “surrender in Afghanistan”. He said it led to the status quo. That led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. ..

Michael Zusman.
Michael Sussman will leave the Federal Court of Justice on Monday, May 16, 2022.
Manuel Barse Seneta / AP

“If Trump had been in office, would that have happened? I don’t think so,” Johnson said.

“The media have been part of this. They gave us this disaster. [with the help of] Democratic Party. They need to be held accountable. … They will continue to do everything they can to cover for Biden, Clinton, and themselves, ”he said.

“They are’far-left information cartels’. They are the ones who are lying. They are the people who have been part of the Democratic Party and the radical left. They cannot afford to prove wrong. So they Will continue to hide for themselves, “he said. ..

Senator Johnson says Sasman’s trial revealed Clinton’s corruption

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