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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo historically visits the West Bank

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made history by becoming the first top US diplomat to visit the Israeli settlement on the west bank of the Jordan River on Thursday. The United States has announced that major policy shifts will allow products in the “occupied territories” to be labeled as “made in Israel.” “

State Department officials confirmed that Pompeo had visited the Psagot Winery near Jerusalem, on condition of anonymity, to a reporter who was traveling with him but was not allowed to attend that part of the visit.

The winery on the west bank of the Jordan River named one of its wines after Pompeo. This is in honor of last year’s announcement that the Trump administration no longer considers Israeli settlements to be in violation of international law.

“It’s a blessing to be here in Judaism and Samaria,” Pompeo wrote in the book of Psagot visitors, using the Hebrew name of the West Bank. “I may not be the last Secretary of State to visit this beautiful land.”

In a later statement, Pompeo stated that the United States would classify exports from Jewish settlements as Israelis.

“All producers in the region where Israel exercises relevant authorities must mark the goods as” Israel “,” Israeli products “, or” made in Israel “when exporting to the United States,” he said. Said. report.

He said the new guidelines apply “most prominently” to Area C, where Israel retains full civil and military control and is home to a large population of West Bank settlers.

Jaakobberg, owner of the Psagot Winery, said with Pompeo’s support, he would ensure that he would be remembered by the Jews “100 years later.”

“I felt I needed to pay tribute to him, thank him and really thank him,” Berg told Agence France-Presse about the decision to name the wine after him.

“We are not thieves. We did not (steal) this land,” he told AFP, categorically rejecting the idea that his winery was in a land to which the Israelites did not belong. ..

Presidential election Joe Biden said his administration would regain US opposition to Israeli settlements.

Like Pompeo, Berg wasn’t ready to admit Trump’s election defeat. “We wanted him to be elected for the second (term). Wait and see.”

Pompeo’s stopover occurred when he headed for the Golan Heights. This will be another first for the US Secretary of State, the Times of Israel reported.

Last year, President Trump made a controversial decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Pompeo’s move on Thursday is described as “historically important and merely a perception of reality.”

At the beginning of Thursday, Pompeo also announced another strong pro-Israel policy. From now on, Washington will designate boycotts, withdrawals and sanctions campaigns aimed at isolating the Jewish state over the treatment of Palestinians as “anti-Semitism.”

At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “We will identify organizations engaged in BDS aversion and take immediate steps to withdraw US Government support for such groups.” Said.

Palestinians protest Mike Pompeo’s visit to the Jewish Psagot settlement.


Palestinians protest near West Bank settlement when Pompeo begins his visit to Israel

Palestinians protest Mike Pompeo’s visit to the Jewish Psagot settlement.



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“We would like to work with all other countries that recognize the BDS movement for cancer,” Pompeo added.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said US-Israel relations “reached unprecedented heights” under the Trump administration, first as CIA director and then as Secretary of State, the top U.S. diplomat on his “unwavering support” for Israel. Thank you.

Pompeo also toured the ruins of the city of David in East Jerusalem and posted an image on his official Twitter account.

He did not have a scheduled meeting with Palestinian leaders who strongly opposed Trump’s position on a lasting conflict, including Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo historically visits the West Bank

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