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Trump officials sought to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, according to an investigation report released Wednesday by a parliamentary oversight committee.

The report offers some sort of smoking gun — a secret note obtained by the Commission after a two-year court battle showing that the Commerce Department’s top Trump appointee considered apportionment as a reason to include the question.

“The Commission’s investigation revealed how a group of politically appointed people used the census to advance the ideological agenda and potentially exclude non-citizens from the allocation,” he said. A report released by the House Committee on reform said.

It has long been speculated that the Trump administration wanted a citizenship question to illegally exclude people from the country from the allocation.

The report contains several drafts showing how the memo evolved from the perception that it was likely to be unconstitutional to coming up with other justifications for adding citizenship questions. increase.

The allocation process uses the state population collected during the 10-year census to divide the number of parliamentary seats each state obtains.

The enemy was afraid Citizenship questions will scare you to participate in the 2020 census, whether Hispanics and immigrants are legally in the country.Citizenship question Blocked Chief Justice John Roberts said the High Court ruling seemed to devise the reasons the Ministry of Commerce gave to the question of citizenship, which was necessary for the Justice Department to enforce the Voting Rights Act. I did.

The Department of Commerce oversees the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau distributes a count used to determine political power and $ 1.5 trillion in federal funding each year.Wilbur Ross, then Secretary of Commerce testimony In front of the oversight committee, apportionment was not the reason for the citizenship question, even though the Commerce Department’s memo suggests it is not, the House Report said.

“I have never deliberately misunderstood Congress or intentionally made a mistake under an oath,” Ross said in a 2019 hearing at the Supervisory Board.

The House Committee reports that a Commerce Department adviser was planning a citizenship question. Republican constituency change expert Those who wrote that using a population of citizenship age instead of the total population for the purpose of redrawing parliament and legislative districts may be advantageous for Republicans and non-Hispanic whites.

The August 2017 memo, created by the Commerce Department’s senior political appointee, James Usmeyer, said it was at the center of the Commerce and Justice Department’s interaction to figure out unnatural reasons for the civil rights issue. The house report said.

Citizenship questions are legal because the first draft of the memo can be added to the once-in-a-decade census only if the Secretary of Commerce concludes that it is not possible to collect that information in survey sampling. Raised the question of being. However, the later draft removed that concern and added that the Secretary of Commerce had the discretion to add citizenship questions for reasons other than apportionment.

A later draft removed the apportionment as an exception to the Secretary of Commerce’s discretion, adding that “there is nothing illegal or unconstitutional about adding citizenship questions.”

An early draft of the memo also stated that the use of citizenship data for apportionment was unconstitutional and likely to go against the 200-year precedent, but that term was also removed in a later draft.

According to the House Report, Uthmeier investigated using Voting Rights Act enforcement as the reason for citizenship questions three months before the Legal Department requested, and proposed a proposal to avoid digital fingerprints. I handed the included memo to the Legal Department.

Usmeyer, now the Chief of Staff of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, did not immediately respond to Wednesday’s email inquiries.

To prevent future attempts to politicize the census, members of the Oversight Committee on Wednesday are US Congressman Carolyn Maloney, DN.Y. Planned to discuss the bill introduced by. It prohibits Congress and the Census Director from being dismissed for no reason.

The Trump administration has nominated a large number of politically appointed persons with no experience in the Statistics Bureau to the top position of the Census Bureau. The law limits the number of politically appointed persons to three, and all other positions hold civil servant positions.

Many of the Trump administration’s political efforts eventually failed, but some supporters believe they had an impact, and the 2020 census compared to the 2010 census. The undercounting of most racial and ethnic minorities has increased significantly.

“It’s clear that legislative reforms are needed to thwart censuses and prevent future illegal or unconstitutional efforts to disrupt democracy,” said Maloney, chair of the Oversight Committee.

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Secret Memo Links Citizenship Questions Proportionately | Nationwide

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