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Seaport Bender Market seeks more space in the shadow of chef Jean-Georges

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten Luxury dining hall At the former Fulton Fish Market, Manhattan’s Lower Manhattan neighbors are asking how they are in line with past promises of the public market focused on local food vendors.

In 2013, then-City Council Chair Christine Quinn and local councilor Margaret Chin announced a contract between the City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and South Street Seaport operator Howard Hughes Corporation. Tin Building, “Includes locally and locally sourced foods sold by multiple vendors.”

Wednesday, Tribeca citizens report Tin Building by Jean-Georges will open for a limited time from August 4th. Meanwhile, Howard Hughes says he expects a 53,000-square-foot food hall to officially debut in the fall.

Council press release We also listed the individual commitments of the Rocaboa Market, which will open by October 1, 2014, without specifying size or location, somewhere within the City-owned Seaport property.

The idea was to stay connected to the fresh food roots of the Seaport Historic District. From its opening in 1907 to the mid-2000s, the tin building housed the Fulton Fish Market before the fish store moved to the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx.

Tin building in South Street Seaport.

However, at a meeting on July 14, members of the Land Use, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee of Community Committee 1 learned that market operations were divided into side streets, providing only 3,500 square feet.

Fulton Stall Market Established the first shop in 2009 At Prime Fulton Street, then Renewed in 2014 We are affiliated with Howard Hughes under Howard Hughes, which leases Seaport real estate from the city. In recent years, the non-profit market has been operating in a small storefront on South Street, south of Fulton, and Tinville has undergone careful restoration.

But rather than centered around the originally advertised local food vendor, its best real estate is “unprecedented,” featuring “two levels of immersive concept, multiple restaurants, and a central market.” Claimed by the empire of famous chefs who are “cooking destinations”.Tin Building Website..

Meanwhile, according to Stephen Dima, chairman of the nonprofit Fulton Markets Association, which operates the nonprofit market, EDC provided Fulton Stall Market with less than a tenth of the space on Tinville on Beekman Street, which is unobtrusive.

The Fulton Stall Market in South Street Seaport sells local and regional merchandise.

Dima told CB1 last week that the Fulton Stall Market needs more space and visibility. Refers to programs that include cooking demonstrations and popular programs. Community-supported agriculture service. He told the board that more than 125 local farmers and producers sell their products through the Fulton Stall Market. And “meet the food demands and tastes of the community”.

Dima told CB1 that he had submitted 16 indoor market stall proposals. His organization also seeks to maintain 15 stalls outdoors each season.

He sought help from the community committee to fulfill “this promise made to the mayor’s office, city council, EDC, and Howard Hughes.”

EDC He did not answer the question from THE CITY regarding the market relocation plan.

Howard Hughes Corporation spokesman Claire Holmes has sent a statement to THE CITY claiming that Jean-Georgestin Building Food Hall is fulfilling its obligations.

“We have provided a great deal of support to the Fulton Stall Market, which includes a large amount of capital and working capital, including free indoor and outdoor spaces. We have them, the city and the market. We continue to discuss the possibilities of new places in the city, “she wrote.

Take a peek inside the food hall of the new tin building.

2013 letter From Howard Hughes to Chin, detailing the developer Seaport’s efforts, the 10,000-square-foot market pledge is more ambitious at Tinville and other sites, including hotels, retailers and apartments. You can see that it relied on the option development of a typical real estate project. ..

The project never happened — although Howard Hughes received it Approval Residential, retail, and community space towers in the current parking lot on Water Street late last year.

“I’m really worried”

Members of the conference’s community board sympathized with Dima, who has created Seaport’s cultural events and attractions for many years. 4 knot music festival..

“I don’t think there are any members of CB1 who don’t continue to show support for the Fulton Stall Market,” said Patrick Kennel, chairman of the Land Use Commission. You guys are fighting. “

“I’m very worried about the Fulton stall market,” said board member Bob Schneck, calling for a resolution in favor of the future of the market. He pointed to Philadelphia’s bustling and affordable Reading Terminal Market, adding, “I think New York needs something like that.”

“The Fulton Stall Market doesn’t get anything from developers, so I’m really worried that we really need a lot of support right now.”

Howard Hughes spokesperson Holmes told THE CITY that the company did a lot to maintain its non-profit market. We continue to talk with them and the city about the potential for new locations in the market. “

Jean-Georges spokesman did not respond to requests for comment, nor did Quinn or Chin respond.

Dima told THE CITY that he was ready to press as much as possible to bring to market the size and location of the space he said was needed for the market to thrive.

“We are in talks to see where this can go,” Dima said. “We are not grateful for the 3,500 sq ft offer, but we are worried.”

Seaport is a historic landmark district where the Fulton Fish Market once stood.

A staff member of local city councilman Christopher Marte, who took office earlier this year after Chin’s term ended, was talking to Howard Hughes to make a healthier deal.

“We are working closely with Fulton Stall Market to ensure that the promises of the previous administration are fulfilled,” Marte said in a statement to the city. “The Fulton Stall Market represents the best market in our city, using fresh produce sourced from farmers in New York and brought to the community that otherwise has little access to fresh food. increase.”

He was optimistic that he could win the market and the community as a whole, with the pattern that “development contracts that developers have the freedom to control will change our district in a short period of time.” I vowed to break it down. The community never receives the promised benefits. “

Marte said: “This won’t break another promise. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to build a new home for the Fulton Stall Market.”

Seaport Bender Market seeks more space in the shadow of chef Jean-Georges

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