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Scientists link radiation to the mysterious Havana syndrome

A type of radiation, including microwaves, was first scientifically associated with Havana Syndrome, a mysterious disease that struck American diplomats in China and Cuba.

Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences have found that the symptoms described by dozens of civil servants (dizziness, instability, visual impairment, head tightness, loud noise) are consistent with high-frequency energy, NBC said. The news reported.

Scientists point out in their report that studies more than 50 years ago and, more recently, Western and Soviet sources “support this possible mechanism in context.”

For years, US officials suspected Russia was behind the attack, and the report does not rule out that possibility.

“Simply considering such a scenario raises serious concerns about a world where there are new tools for de-suppressed malicious actors and others to harm others …” they write.

The disease became known as Havana Syndrome after US diplomats stationed in the Cuban capital began to experience symptoms in 2016. Chinese diplomats reported similar symptoms at about the same time.

U.S. intelligence officials began investigating the cause of the disease after diplomats claimed that foreign adversaries intentionally targeted them with high-frequency energy. The State Department has moved most of its staff from the Havana embassy.

Some CIA personnel who experienced the symptoms also traveled to Russia, where they discussed covert operations with foreign intelligence officials. A senior agent, Mark Polymeroplos, detailed the fight against illness in GQ magazine in October.

According to the NBC, Cuba and Russia have denied involvement in such attacks.

Scientists link radiation to the mysterious Havana syndrome

Source link Scientists link radiation to the mysterious Havana syndrome

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