“Scandal” actor blames Mel Gibson for cancel culture “doesn’t exist”

“Scandal” star Joshua Marina has something to say about Mel Gibson not being canceled despite many controversies in the past.

Marina (55 years old) AtlanticAsk why the 65-year-old “Brave Heart” star can continue his career in Hollywood after decades of accusations About anti-Semitism When Racist remarks..

Gibson Set to indicate “Fatal Weapon 5” Marina explained his reaction to the news in his article.

“If Gibson is welcomed to oversee the latest work of this beloved franchise, it may be time to stop publishing fragments of thought about the power of’cancellation’,” Westwing said. The actor is writing. “If he can keep finding big bucks and approvals in Hollywood, there is no cancellation culture.

“If that didn’t happen the moment my tribal members felt the wall closed again, this might seem like a small problem. Last year, Jews were 50 of religious hate crimes. More than% were victims, “Marina continued. “In recent years, we have Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh, NS Murder in Chabad, Poway Synagogue, California, Jewish students harassing college campuses and European anti-Semitism is emerging — these are headlines that put us at risk.

“Is this really the time to praise a man like Mel Gibson?”

The post asks the Gibson representative for comment.

Marina wondered why the “Brave Heart” star continued her career in Hollywood after decades of accusations.
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Marina also wondered how Gibson became “again such a hot ticket” despite his history. “Is the memory of his hate speech fading and only the memory of Hollywood’s box office revenue?” Marina asked.

He then criticized Warner Bros. for their actions in hiring Gibson.

“I hope well-known executives, producers and actors will also stand up,” he said. “Then I could believe in this cancel culture, and I could also believe that the Jews were actually counting.”

“Is this really the time to praise a man like Mel Gibson?”

The “Mad Max” star has been involved in many anti-Semitic changes throughout his more than 40 years of career.His father was even a once admired college professor Deny severity Of the Holocaust. In 2006, Gibson Stop on the shoulder To drive under the influence of California.he Then I called Female police officers shouted “Sugar t–s” and “F–king Jews”. .. .. Before asking another police officer, “Are you Jewish?”, Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

In 2010, the Oscar winners Racist tilade For my girlfriend at the time, Oksana Grigorieva. In a series of obscene explosions, Gibson reportedly shouted at Grigorieva that her outfit was “raped in a pack of n.” He added, “You look like an enthusiastic royal pig, and if you’re raped in a pack of n-it’s your fault.”

Recently, actress Winona Ryder Gibson claims to have used anti-Semitic slurs At a party both attended in 1995.Rider, 50, talked The Sunday Times About last year’s case.

“We attended a crowded party with one of our best friends and Mel Gibson was smoking a cigar,” the Stranger Things star explained to a UK-based outlet. She added that a conversation about Judaism took place, at which point Gibson asked, “Are you the one who dodges the oven?”he Denied the accusation In the statement at that time.

“Scandal” actor blames Mel Gibson for cancel culture “doesn’t exist”

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