Saudi Arabia announces new reforms paving the way for codified law

February 9 – Saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed Vinsalman has announced a new judicial reform that will put the country on track for the establishment of a codified legal system.

Late Monday, the Crown Prince announced four new bills on personal status, civil affairs, criminal discretion, and evidence law. statement Published by the state-owned Saudi Press Agency.

The statement is a way of strengthening the Kingdom’s global competitiveness: “Protecting rights, strengthening the principles of justice, strengthening transparency, protecting human rights and achieving inclusive and sustainable development. He explained the law as a “new wave of reform” that meant that. “”

The law is the latest reform by the Crown Prince, who has initiated previous progressive changes such as expansion in the last few years. Women’s rights And Decrease punishment For minors, As part of him Vision 2030 plan Reduce the kingdom’s economic dependence on oil through the diversification announced in 2016.

The statement states that the four new laws have the ability to “predict court decisions, increase the level of integrity and efficiency of the judiciary, and increase the credibility of procedures and monitoring mechanisms as the basis for achieving the principles of justice. “Contribute”, citing the prince, to clarify the line of accountability and ensure the consistency of legal references in a way that limits discrepancies in court decisions. “

He added that the lack of codified law caused confusion about obligations under the legal system, which also caused protracted proceedings and harm, especially for women.

“This will not happen after these laws have been promulgated in accordance with legislation and procedures,” Mohammed said.

Earlier drafts of the code for judicial decisions were drafted a few years ago, but were insufficient to meet the needs of society, and new drafts were created to comply with current and international standards of judiciary while being consistent with Islamic law. He said it was supposed to be created. ..

The new law will be submitted to the government agencies associated with the Council of Ministers, reviewed and considered, and then submitted to the Shura Council for promulgation, he said.

Saudi Arabia announces new reforms paving the way for codified law

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