Sandy Alderson didn’t want Tim Tebow’s Mets dream to end yet

Sandy Alderson says it’s still Mets’ teabow time.

The Mets president said Monday that he encouraged Tim Tebow to return in 2021 and that the former NFL quarterback had agreed.

“So I talked to Tim Saturday between Florida Football and a few other SECs. [broadcasting] Obligation, “said Alderson. “He is anxious to come back, and I said to Tim,” Look, why do you want to end your quest for Covid-related reasons? Play this year I didn’t have the opportunity. “He was slightly injured last year. So I think Tim promises to come back. And I think we’re committed to giving him the opportunity to do that, and we’ll see where it goes.

“This is not an endless quest. At some point it will culminate, but when it comes time Tim and the organization reach some consensus on where he is and what his potential is. I think, but I didn’t want him to go out based on Covid-related interruptions. “

Alderson, who returned to Mets as team president earlier this month, was general manager when he signed Tebow in 2016. This is part of the move to attract more fans.

Left fielder Tim Tebow then reached Triple A, but the 2019 hand injury shortened the season for the second consecutive year.

In a recent interview with, the 33-year-old hinted that he was supposed to be back.

“That’s not what I want to do forever … because there are many other things in my heart that I want to pursue,” Tebow said. “But it’s still in my heart today.”

Former Jets quarterback Heisman Trophy winner Tebow in his three minor league seasons hit .223 at .638 OPS while playing almost every game with his left fielder.

“I think the organization has already benefited greatly from its involvement with Mets and the pursuit of a baseball career,” Alderson said. “I think Mets has benefited. I think baseball has benefited. As I said, this doesn’t last forever. At some point, it loses interest in cash and fans. But I wasn’t happy with how Tim did himself not only as a teammate but also on behalf of Mets, so given all that he is eligible for another shot after Covid. And I’m glad he’s back. “

Sandy Alderson didn’t want Tim Tebow’s Mets dream to end yet

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