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San Francisco Schools Appeal for Plans to Rename “Racist” Schools

A group of alumni unite to sue San Francisco’s school system in hopes of permanently blocking the possibility of “racist” names such as Abraham Lincoln and Dianne Feinstein being removed from school. Did.

A proceeding filed in the San Francisco County High Court on Thursday against the San Francisco Board of Education and Superintendent Vincent Matthews demanded that authorities officially abolish the controversial rename resolution and the community. Claims that the city made a mistake by not giving its members and historians a weighting opportunity.

Last month, school officials tentatively I walked back School renaming plans in the face of public anger, saying they will not change the brand of 44 schools in the coronavirus pandemic.

However, a lawyer representing the alumni group told Post-Friday that Walkback was not legally binding.

According to one of the lawyers, Paul Scott, the new proceeding aims to ensure that the city adheres to the word and complies with the legal protocol before adopting the name change.

Resolving the name change was in violation Brown methodAccording to Scott, the school board needs to make sure that members of the community have a say in the matter.

“The entire process was flawed because a 30-minute public comment decided whether to change the name of 44 schools with a single vote,” Scott said.

“No one was able to appear directly, and again, as I said, inadequate notifications, so there were many problems with the process,” continued the lawyer.

A group of alumni are suing the San Francisco Board of Education and superintendent Vincent Matthews to abolish the resolution to rename public schools with
A group of alumni are suing the San Francisco Board of Education and superintendent Vincent Matthews to abolish the resolution to rename public schools with “racist” ties.
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Another allegation of breach was that the school board mistakenly stated that the independent Blue Ribbon Commission would focus on changing the name of the school.

“It wasn’t really independent. It lacked expertise. The board didn’t have a historian, so it was decided before the school board voted what would happen.” Said Scott.

The proceedings require school officials to abolish the resolution to change the name and tell the court whether to dissolve the committee by April 15.

“Looking back at the history of our country and uplifting disadvantaged groups is a positive and necessary step in achieving some degree of social justice and the associated reduction of prejudice. They heal us. , Helps move forward, “says the proceedings.

“But as with all the great tests our society faces, it’s important that our solution sounds right and is tolerable. And in this context, with legal compliance and Nothing is more important than proper procedure. “

The San Francisco Board of Education voted 6-1 in January to remove the names of its founder’s father, abolitionist of slavery, and even a longtime Democratic senator in California from the school building.

This move was widely panned as an overkill for “cultural cancellation.” Report of a group The decision was found to be “arbitrary, subjective, superficial” and based on research collected through “casual Google search”.

According to the Mission Local Report, school officials argued that Paul Revere should be canceled because members did not like the top 10 benign lists of war of independence seen on the history channel.

Named after the president, which many historians consider to be the best in the country, Abraham Lincoln High School was renamed after just five seconds of consideration because it was said to be “discriminatory and damaging to Native Americans.” I was planning to do it.

Feinstein’s name was to be removed from elementary school because she replaced the Confederate flag that was removed by protesters when she was the mayor of San Francisco.

Even in the famous San Francisco bohemian neighborhood, missions weren’t suitable for decorating at school because “all CA missions are places of slavery and colonization,” the school’s Rename Commission said. Said.

“If they want to discuss the school name, it should actually be done in a situation where there is a complete and fair opportunity for public opinion, which should come from the individual school community and the stakeholders of the individual school. “Scott said.

“Parents, teachers, staff and graduates all have a fair opportunity to express their opinions and determine if that is what they are looking for in a particular school.”

Iconic liberal law icon Laurence Tribe A Harvard lawyer is one of the lawyers who filed a proceeding on Thursday.

San Francisco Schools Appeal for Plans to Rename “Racist” Schools

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