Saints “difficult” with Tasam Hill-Jameis Winston’s decision

Not everyone is in the Saints quarterback hierarchy with the veteran Drew Brees.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the controversial decision to hire utility player Taysom Hill over former No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston was very difficult for many members of the organization.

“Multiple players and people in the organization who thought Jameis Winston should be the starter for the Atlanta Falcons,” Chefter reported on Sunday.

Breeze, 41, was put on the disabled list on Friday after suffering 11 rib fractures and lung collapse against the 49ers last week. According to various sources, he misses at least three weeks, but he can miss “4-5 weeks”.

Winston ended the game with Breeze’s bailout and won 6-10 at 63 yards. His usage and resume as a starter made many believe he would start on Sunday, but it was shockingly announced that Hill would start against the Falcons on Friday. ..

Winston won the Heisman Trophy in 2013 and was ranked number one overall in the 2015 NFL Draft at Florida State University. A 26-year-old woman, who separated from the Buccaneers in early 2020, signed a $ 1 million contract in April with incentives from the saints. Earlier this year, he completed 61.3% of his passes with 19,737 yards, a total of 131 touchdowns, 88 interceptions and 50 fumbles.

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Tasam Hill, head coach Sean Peyton, quarterback Jameis Winston
New Orleans Saints quarterback, Tasam Hill, head coach Sean Peyton, quarterback Jameis WinstonGetty Images

The 30-year-old Hill is an undrafted free agent who completed 10 of 18 pass attempts at 205 yards, had zero touchdowns, and made 46 appearances in one intercept. He temporarily began his career as a member of the Packers in 2017, but was released before the season began and was claimed by Saints’ Offwaver.

Saints signed a versatile BYU product during the off-season with a two-year $ 21 million contract extension. If Breeze inevitably retires, they probably need to rate him as a potential long-term solution.

“Shaun just wants to know,” an internal source told NFL Network’s Ian Lapaport.

Although technically listed as quarterbacks, gadget players called “human Swiss Army knives” snap more often on tight ends, receivers and running backs than quarterbacks this week. Affects Saints playcalls. It’s worth noting that last season, when Breeze played five games, the team didn’t head to Hill and instead went with backup Teddy Bridgewater, who won all five games.

Despite previous usage, Hill has repeatedly stated that he considers himself a franchise quarterback.

“I definitely think of myself as a franchise quarterback,” Hill told The Associated Press Rob Murdy before a free agent. “If New Orleans didn’t see me that way, I would have to leave, and that’s where we really are.”

Saints (7-2) will face the New Orleans Falcons (3-6) at 1:00 pm on Fox.

Saints “difficult” with Tasam Hill-Jameis Winston’s decision

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