Sabrina Spellman’s Riverdale appearance, “Fans get some clarity” – CBS New York

(ViacomCBS) – Kiernan Shipka’s guest performers appear in CW’s fascinating crossover Riverdale Play the iconic Sabrina Spellman from December 7th Sabrina’s chilling adventure..

“Chapter 99: The Witching Hour” revisits the tragic past of Blossom women. Desperate for help, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) summons Greendale’s Spellman to cast a bit of magic. The Season 6 crossover event was confirmed earlier this year. Of CBS Katie Johnston I had a special appearance this week in an interview with Shipka.

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KJ- Sabrina Spellman Sabrina’s chilling adventure Was summoned to Riverdale, and today we will see the episode “Chapter 99: Three Times” for the first time in Season 6. Joining me today to talk about all her guest appearances is Kiernan Shipka. Thank you for joining us today.

KS- Thank you for calling. I’m excited to hang.

KJ- RiverdaleFirst debuted in 2017, based on the characters of Archie Comics. It quickly gained a lot of enthusiastic followers. For some time there was talk of doing this crossover. I have to ask you, were you always a fan of the show before you were approached about guest appearances, and how did this finally bear fruit?

KS- Yeah, I was a fan of Riverdale, And I saw Riverdale Before I do Sabrina.. It’s really exciting to get over it at last.I think we did four parts Sabrina.. And so much happened in Greendale that she didn’t even have time to get to Riverdale. It’s good to visit because she got more time and came back.

KJ- Last winter, I experienced the 4th and final seasons of Netflix Sabrina’s chilling adventure.. The tragic ending of the story, to say the least.

KS- It is really a pity.

KJ- I’m really sorry at the end. Would you like to talk about what’s happening in this next episode of Riverdale?

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KS- Yes, I think the fans will be clear to some extent. We hint at a few things, but not all are said. There is much more to be revealed over time. But yeah, I think people know what happened, at least a little. People deserve to know such a thing.

KJ- Is this look the first and only, or is it more for Sabrina Spellman?

KS- It’s definitely the first, but I don’t think it’s the only one. I hope not to do so. I really don’t.I am really [hope] Sabrina can be seen more.

KJ- Before I let you go. Kiernan, if you have special powers, witch powers, superhero powers, what do you want, and why?

KS- Well, I don’t know. I think it’s pretty close to reality, but I want to be a supernatural power. So I think it’s pretty intuitive, but I want them to be more powerful.

KJ- Oh, I love the same thing. I think it will be very useful in my daily life.

KS- I see!

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clock Riverdale “Chapter 99: Three o’clock” Tuesday, December 7th, 9 pm to 10 pm Eastern CW.

Sabrina Spellman’s Riverdale appearance, “Fans get some clarity” – CBS New York

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