Rutgers fights but falls to Michigan in three extra times

Piscataway, NJ — Hassan Haskins jumped from 4th to 4th in his third overtime, and Michigan surpassed Ratgers 48-42 on Saturday night to avoid the worst start in 53 years.

Second grader Cade McNamara got out of the bench and threw four touchdown passes, with Michigan (2-3, 2-3 Big Ten) losing three games in a row to Rutgers (1-4, 1-4). I passed the 4th pass. Straight loss.

Michigan missed a two-point conversion after the Haskins touchdown, but Safety Duxton Hill stopped the desperate wave from Noah Vedral’s 24-yard line to the end zone, ending the four-and-a-half-hour game.

Vedral threw an 11-yard force-down touchdown pass to Aron Krukshank, bringing two defenders to the end zone with a two-point conversion run, drawing the match at 35 and forcing an additional session.

Both teams missed a field goal on their first overtime possession. Vedral led Rutgers 42-35 by throwing a 25-yard touchdown pass to the tight-end Giovani Haskins, but McNamara scored a two-yard run to draw the match.

McNamara replaced junior Joe Milton for the second straight week, finishing 27 of 36 at 260 yards. The sophomore TD pass was 46 yards and 9 yards to Cornelius Johnson, 8 yards to Nick Eubanks and 6 yards to Mike Sane Listil.

Vedral passed 378 times with 29 out of 43 touchdowns and 3 touchdowns. Johnny Langan made two touchdowns and Val Ambrosio scored two field goals but missed a 45-yard player who could win the match in the first OT.

Giles Jackson had a 95-yard kick-off return for a touchdown to ignite a big second half that helped Michigan overcome the early 17-0 deficit.

Michigan’s final 1-4 start was in 1967, when he was 4-6 under Bump Elliott.

Rutgers fights but falls to Michigan in three extra times

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