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Romney believes Biden will sign an infrastructure bill

Senator Mitt Romney said he would see President Biden “in his words” and then sign a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure contract. Retreat the threat to veto The legislation, however, wondered if Democrats could get on the package.

“I believe in the president’s words, and during the weeks-to-week negotiations between the Democratic Party and the White House on the infrastructure bill, the president’s other agenda was not linked to infrastructure efforts. “I did,” said Romney (R-Utah). CNN’s “State of the Union”.

Romney, one of a bipartisan parliamentary group that announced an agreement at the White House last Thursday, advertised the agreement to fund “true infrastructure” (bridges, roads, utilities) without tax increases. ..

Republicans said they were participating in infrastructure contracts, but wondered about the commitment of progressive Democrats to increase spending on climate change and other social programs.

Construction continues near the unfinished purple line tracks at the Paul Serven Strandit Center.
Senator Mitt Romney expressed concern about the commitment of progressive Democrats to include more spending on climate change and other social programs in infrastructure transactions.
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“The real question is whether Democrats can put their actions together on his desk. And I don’t think the fighting is going on with Republicans. Republicans don’t raise taxes. We intend to support our infrastructure, “said the Senator.

“But Democrats want to do a lot more, and I think they’re having a hard time deciding how to proceed,” he said.

Hours after declaring standing outside the White House with a bipartisan group on Thursday “We are trading” Biden threatened not to sign it unless the Democrats came to his desk with a larger spending plan intended to pass the settlement.

This operation will allow Democrats, who control 50-50 rooms by Vice President Kamala Harris’s vote, to pass it with a simple majority and avoid filibuster, which requires 60 votes.

President Joe Biden will speak with a bipartisan senator group outside the White House after meeting on the infrastructure contract on June 24, 2021.
President Joe Biden threatened not to sign the infrastructure bill unless he came to his desk with a larger spending plan intended to be passed by the Democratic Party.
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Biden’s comments led to counterattacks from progressive Democrats who wanted to spend more and Republicans who felt the president had tricked them into agreeing to the infrastructure bill.

By Saturday, Biden had issued a new statement to clear the turmoil.

“My comments gave the impression that the plan I just agreed to poses a veto threat, which was certainly not my intention,” he said.

“I will vigorously pursue the passage of the plan that the Democrats and Republicans agreed on Thursday,” Biden added. “It’s good for the economy, for the country, for the people. No reservations, no hesitation, and we’re completely behind.”

In aerial photography, construction of a new $ 436 million Nice / Middleton Bridge continues.
President Joe Biden later released his statement stating that the infrastructure bill and the proposed social welfare agenda are separate deals.
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Romney said the Republicans would not have been able to support it without a statement.

“It hasn’t been clarified, and it hasn’t made it clear that these are two different measures: the infrastructure bill is self-sustaining, and his other agenda items, they are also self-sustaining. If so, he didn’t make it clear. I think it was very difficult for the Republicans to say so. We support this, “he said.

“We’re not signing up for trillions of dollars in spending. We’re not signing up for a dramatic tax increase on the US economy and employers returning Americans to work,” Romney said. It was.

Romney believes Biden will sign an infrastructure bill

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