Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre Delivered in WWE Survivor Series

The lack of interests around all around the Survivor Series was already playing pay-per-view from behind. The show was enough to make it very interesting, but WWE has made it exceptional by persuading one of its most compelling stories and delivering an overwhelming undertaker farewell. I prevented it.

The 2020 version of the Survivor Series is remembered by some great storytelling, some classic matches, and WWE overprotecting its talent.

The five points of the Survivor Series are:

Top person

We’re in a fuss if the first meeting between the current version of Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre is a precursor to what’s being prepared for years to come. They delivered the match and story for the top guys in the company and the guys in Alpha. Perfect fit even with ref bumps, external interference and groin finishes.

McIntyre rebelled after the reign defeated him early. What followed was a very uniform match where they saw them pull out all the heavy artillery. It included McIntyre’s stunning spine and reigning spear through a barricade. After being kicked out of the spear and 3-0 in a previous singles match against McIntyre against Kimura Rock, Raines revealed his growing frustration. The reign was also expelled from Claymore.

Jey Uso interfered with returning home without following Raines’ orders from early in the night, giving his cousin the opening needed to hit McIntyre with a groin attack, and eventually giving him a guillotine. I handed it over to the submission and tried to win. McIntyre stood up once during the hold to make it look better than when both were in. The lie returned to the impressed Rains and said, “I got you.” It showed that Uso understands that he needs to do whatever it takes to keep his family at the top of the table.

Where to travel

WWE Survivor Series Lana
Lana was the only survivor of Team Low in the Survivor Series.WWE

WWE created a layup for Lana and the storyline and missed it – terrible. She was tormented by Team Law’s teammates for weeks, was passed through the announcement table nine times, and was told to quit. After tagging the match early on, she started standing on the steps of the ring — basically in the corner.

In the match, Lana and her torturers Sheena Basler and Near Jacks fell on Team Row and Bianca Belair on SmackDown. Berea really looks better. I lifted the busler from the ground to my back and forcibly broke the Kirifuda clutch. After that, everything went off track.

Basler was disqualified for not breaking the submission, and Berea and Jacks were later eliminated by a double countout when they sent each other over the barricade. That meant Team Rowe won the ring-celebrated match against Lana as the only survivor.

It was the end of seeing all of us coming, but the way WWE got there felt so empty as Lana did nothing to earn it. Why didn’t Lana get an opportunistic pin like she got a spot on Team Low or had her last opponent’s toy before being surprised by 1-2-3? Why does WWE so hate Lana to beat someone? Doing nothing does not prove that the bully is wrong. Why does the audience need to keep an eye on her until she changes, when Lana hasn’t changed her story yet? No one left this cool.

Profit is rising

The Street Profits defeated New Day cleanly in a match that responded to hype and gave us the right balance between personality and work in the ring. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are coming to the ring with Big E in their new Gears of War video game outfit. They even ridiculed Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford to establish the SmackDown Tag Team champions needed to prove themselves to veteran live champions. Kingston kicked the red solo cup at some point. This may be close to the new day of heels we have ever gotten.

The blind tag by Dawkins, with Woods and Ford sitting on the top turnbuckle, led the Street Profits to pull a blockbuster to win. New Day won the Street Profits after the match, at the actual moment of verification from the spectators and the company.

Bank statement

Sasha Banks push is real. The boss managed to defend the singles title on the main roster and pinned Asuka for the first time. This shows that WWE is committed to Banks’ important run as a female SmackDown champion.

Asuka and Banks continue to prove how good they are in the ring. Their match runs very well and they play off emotionally with each other and are not afraid to lie down with each other. The action can look beautiful and brutal. The finish ended with a ferocious momentum with a combination of two continuously trading pins and a stiff kick until Banks finally caught Asuka off the rope. She turned her low because of the pin. The bank properly provided the enthusiastic guts pose. The match set very high standards when both went on different paths, especially with Carmela waiting for Banks in SmackDown.

Raw roar

After a few weeks of dysfunction, the raw men’s team won a clean sweep against SmackDown in a men’s Survivor Series match. Seth Rollins even “sacrificed” himself “for greater profit” in the match. And it opened pay-per-view. Few stories were built around the SmackDown team, so it makes sense to put it together for Raw (AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Riddle, Braun Strowman, Sheamus).

We got one story after the lie was the last member of Team SmackDown and before being drawn into Lee’s Spirit Bomb. The reign dressed him from behind, saying he didn’t respect his family because Team SmackDown didn’t respect the lies. He told him to leave the arena because he didn’t have time for the loser.

US Champion Bobby Lashley of Law, with the help of his Heart Business faction, submitted intercontinental champion Sami Zain in the worst match of the night. Manually processed Zayn could complain about “tripping” when returning to MVP on Friday. The MVP eventually put his hand on him and put Zayn back in the ring, but trying to protect it was a very cheap way. Zayn. The match made him look much less than the two champions.


The Miz, Money in the Bank, was only seen when he eliminated Dominik Mysterio and won the kick-off show battle royale. Mizu came from outside the ring after going out of the photo with non-elimination to win the match. This is a common finish in WWE battle royale.

Gobbledy Goooker, who made his WWE debut in the Survivor Series 30 years ago, is back from R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship. The truth regained it late at night.

Biggest winner: Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns

Biggest loser: Lana and Sami Zain

Best match: McIntyre vs. Reign

Prediction: 3-3

grade: B

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre Delivered in WWE Survivor Series

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