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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Owls can fly right away

New York-Rockefeller Center A small owl found dehydrated and hungry on a branch of a Christmas tree is back in good health and will be released shortly.

The adult male northern saw-whet owl was called Rockefeller after being discovered on Monday by a worker setting up a towering holiday tree in Manhattan. Norwegian spruce was cut 170 miles (275 km) northwest of northern New York and shipped to Manhattan on Saturday.

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Birds are taken to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Hudson Valley to feed mice in preparation for a temporary return to the wild before dusk on Saturday.

“I just want to make sure he’s well-nourished before he goes,” Ellen Kalish told the Daily Freeman on Thursday. “He was a little thin when he came in. He probably hadn’t eaten for days, so I just want to make sure he’s in his best weight and health. , And he goes. “

According to Kalish, the owl is in “great condition” and no fractures are seen after the x-ray. She plans to free the owl from the location of the Center in Sogati’s, New York.

“Rockefeller is doing very well,” the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center said in a statement. “He was moved to an outdoor location to adapt to the weather.”

The center said the location was being scouted for Rockefeller and the birds would be released on Sunday or Monday.
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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Owls can fly right away

Source link Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Owls can fly right away

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