Robinson Cano’s suspension hasn’t verified the Yankees let him go

Does this week’s Robinson Canó news need to test the Yankees’ decision to leave for Seattle nearly seven years ago, with their jaws going down, if not shocking?

I argue against it. Thanks to Stanozolol’s positive test, all Kano outages in 2021 would have served as a perfect see-off to a beautiful long-term relationship with the team that signed him out of the Dominican Republic in 2001.

I think the Yankees should have provided Kano $ 200 million in eight years and $ 25 million a year and $ 25 million when the second baseman hit the free agent in 2013. And I think Kano should have accepted such a thing. Mariners 10-year $ 240 million package proposal. Life would have been much better for both sides, as I was able to report thanks to this alternative timeline. The post was accessed exclusively …

2014: The Yankees have fallen below the playoffs for the second year in a row, despite Kano’s return and the addition of free agents Brian McCann and Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees have taken over the season completely on Derek Jeter’s retirement tour, knowing that they can press the accounting reset button after the season by keeping their salary below the $ 189 million luxury tax threshold. I will. They have the authority to sign a seven-year, $ 217 million contract with Tigers ace Max Scherzer.

“Wow, that’s a big move!” Brian Roberts, Kelly Johnson, and Stephen Drew have never played for the Yankees, but shout at the same time.

2015: Scherzer stood at the top of the rotation, and the resurrected duo Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira joined Kano to create the middle of a terrifying lineup, and the Yankees went on to Fall Classic, but on the Mets of the Subway World Series. I didn’t receive it.

Robinson Cano
Yankees and Robinson Cano in 2013.Getty Images

“Thanks to Oregon fellow Jacoby Ellsbury for signing the Mariners. Last year, when we were both in the Pacific Northwest, we visited him and learned from him.” Says Michael Conforto, the most valuable player in the series. (Hey, not all unintended results are preferable.)

2016: Brian Cashman sells rescuers Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller at high prices to replenish the Yankees’ farm system during the spectacular years of Cano and Scherzer as A-Rod and Teixeira crater for retirement. Cannot be prevented. Nonetheless, Gary Sanchez’s thunderous August arrival sneaks the Yankees into wildcard slots, but the Indians lose the American League Division Series. The Indians have been winning their first title since 1948, when Cubs second baseman Starlin Castro made a disastrous error. 10 times in World Series Game 7.

“What an event’s turn!” The wonder of meeting second baseman Ben Zobrist.

“Sure!” Nationals left fielder Yoenis Cespedes agrees.

2017: Carlos Beltran was asked by his new Astros teammates if he had more work to do to steal his opponent’s signature, shrugging and saying, “I’ve spent the last three years with the Royals. I don’t know advanced Chicany elsewhere. ” Astros fell to Yankees in the AL Championship series, and Kano, who was nominated as team captain before the season, won the honor of World Series MVP as Yankees won his first championship since 2009.

“Thank you, but not, Derek,” Cashman tells Jetter, now CEO of the Marlins, when he was offered a deal with Giancarlo Stanton.

2018: Rookie second baseman Gleyber Torres shines when he receives a call to suspend Kano’s 80 games for diuretics to appear on the system. Kano will easily adapt to the DH spot when he returns in August, and the Yankees will aim for the second straight victory.

“I learned my lesson,” grinning Kano says at the clubhouse soaked in champagne: “There is no more diuretic.”

2019: Kano registers his worst year as a big leaguer, but Sanchez, who recognizes Kano’s leadership, has become a more consistent performer, and the Yankees have achieved their third straight victory.

“Praise them!” Jarred Kelenic declares that he meets the outfield outlook.

2020: Kano begins and declines as powerfully as the Yankees who fell to the Astros in the ALCS. In November, there will be news that Kano, who failed a drug test, will dominate all of 2021, the last year of the deal. Get money. Excited Yankees fans tell Kano about both the many great seasons and the reckless behavior of signing Charlie Morton and James McCann with the money the team found and winning everything again in 2021. Thank you.

2029: At the 2009 Championship 20th Anniversary Ceremony, the Yankees will retire Kano No. 24 and A-Rod No. 13.

“I’m very happy to be with the Yankees,” Kano says at the ceremony. Everyone agrees.

Robinson Cano’s suspension hasn’t verified the Yankees let him go

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