“Roaring Kitty” doubles GameStop’s share and stock pop

Kitty is still roaring, so GameStop is skyrocketing.

Video game retailers share 20 shares on Monday after Keith Gil, a social media influencer called “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube and “Deep F *** ing Value” on Reddit, posted a screenshot showing: % Soared.He doubled his stake Despite political scrutiny And the legal issues that plague his investment.

Gill, who was considered a key player in Reddit Rally, who soared GameStop and other so-called “meme stocks” in January, posted a screenshot on Reddit late Friday and said he had bought another 50,000 GameStop shares. Shown.

Shares rose 13.33 percent on Monday to close at $ 46 per share.

According to Gill’s post, he currently owns 100,000 shares of GameStop and $ 1.5 million worth of call options. As of the end of Monday, it owns $ 4.6 million worth of shares and has been applauded by fellow Reddit investors.

“THE KING IS BACK”, posted by one user of Reddit’s popular WallStreetBets chat room as a reply to Gill’s screenshots.

“The story of this man will be told for generations,” another post said. “Religion begins. This is God.”

“He bought another 50,000 while submitting evidence in front of Congress!” Wrote a third. “Legend.”

34-year-old Gil, along with billionaire Ken Griffin and Robin Hood CEO Vladimir Tenev, posted a screenshot the day after he testified about Reddit Rally before Congress.

Gil told Congress on Thursday that he “still likes” GameStop. His zoom look was also backed by fellow GameStop junkies for the “Hang in there” cat poster hanging behind him. This was taken by the observer as a sign of his confidence in GameStop.

Gil, a licensed stockbroker who quit his job at Mass Mutual on January 28, learned from a YouTube video that he was wearing a cat T-shirt and a red samurai-style headband at shoulder length. Has been done.

But he has also been criticized for playing a large role in small investor rallies while quietly retaining the credibility of professional investors.he Sued Securities fraud leading to parliamentary testimony in Federal Court of Justice, Massachusetts.

Gil defended himself, stating that it was clear that his aggressive investment style was “not suitable for most people.”

“And in the year of quarantine and COVID, interacting with other investors on social media was a safe way to socialize,” he told Congress. “We had a good time.”

Gil said he Started purchasing GameStop It was still $ 5 per share in 2019, but in late January the stock surged to $ 483 per share, becoming millionaires, but crashing again. Lose him $ 13 million On the first day of this month.

As of Friday, Gil had a $ 2.8 million paper profit on his GameStop stock, according to his post. It was his first post since February 3rd, the day after his $ 13 million loss.

“Roaring Kitty” doubles GameStop’s share and stock pop

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