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Road is back – these are her best music videos fashion moments

After 4 years without new music Road Is back with a new single “Solar Power”.


This is a song for the summer, a taster of the long-awaited third album at the age of 24, described as “a celebration of nature, an attempt to immortalize the deep and transcendental emotions of being outdoors.” I am. In the newsletter to the fans.

Lord states that solar power is “a contagious, frivolous summer energy that captivates us all,” and she certainly has the clothes to match it.

In the video, the road is dancing on the beach in a bright yellow two-piece. New York Brand Corina Strada. Yellow Satin Monte Carlo Top and Bead Yod Skirt Both Yellow Satin are made from dead stock satin – a material that would otherwise have been discarded – “in the near future, fully sustainable and fundamentally transparent. It fits the spirit of the label “Become a brand”. ..

It has a bright, summery look – a big departure from more Gothic The styling of Lord’s first album, “Pure Heroine,” but after that I’m used to making statements in music videos …


This was a hit that broke when Lord was only 16 years old. She kept her fashion modest and simple (plain white T-shirt and silver necklace). This means that the true star of the show can be seen through. Geometric cat eye make-up.

Tennis court

Then came the 2013 single, the tennis court, where Lord showed off his modern sporty Goth style. In the video, her hair is braided across her head, wearing her characteristic dark lipstick and a black fishnet top. new Zealand Black bikini top under the brand Zambesi.

Yellow flicker beat


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, made for the Part 1 movie, this music video is like a movie and is itself a mini movie. Road in a masculine suit similar to Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking begins with a pompadour with his hair tied up.

She quickly changes into a red suit, wears a black bandeau underneath, and dances in an empty hanger. Then wear a black feathered evening dress for a strange-looking cocktail party. Finally, Road sits at an abandoned bus stop, riding a long train and wearing a graceful white suit.

Green light


Lord released his second album, Melodrama, with the single “Green Light” in 2017, giving us one of her most memorable fashion moments.She dances Los Angeles She wears a Giorgio Sant’Angelo drape and a bright pink mini dress with long sleeves and classic white Adidas sneakers. It marked a new era of Lord. She shortened her hair, threw away dark lipstick, and revealed a more mature look.

Perfect Place

Perfect Place has cemented Road’s position as a fashion lover. Filmed in Jamaica at the time, 20 years old, he changed from a costume to a great costume at an alarming rate.

Our favorites are a dramatically large Jackmus straw hat, a simple white shirt dress (a machete for even more impact), an all-red coat gown to wear on the beach (where else?), And Tulle, crystal dazzling nude dresses and more. Valentino.

I love Solar Power’s yellow ensemble, but I can’t help but wish I had changed my outfit as many times as she did at Perfect Places …

Road is back – these are her best music videos fashion moments

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