RJ Barrett will be everything these Knicks represent

However, as the Knicks season began and we concluded, what Tom Thibodeau did is undeniably stabilizing the ship.

His ship had no captain on Thursday night.

Until RJ Barrett takes the wheel and points it at the harbor.

Julius Randle was dragged by his barking thighs and sailed through an unexpected stormy sea, bringing Knicks to a fourth-quarter reversal. 106-102 beats Wizards.

He passed Bradley Beal and became muscular because of and-1 who drew the game at 91. He bent. He inspired me. He refused to lose.

When the time of victory came, it was as if Barrett had returned to Duke.

When Barrett refused to lose, Knicks lost everything.

He helped — mostly Alec Burks (27 points from the bench, 15 points in the fourth quarter) and Taj Gibson (loose ball dive, screen settings, Nerlens Noel aside 4th I was forced to play the entire quarter).

Tibodo is aiming for a 48 minute team. It’s great to have an ascending nick like RJ Barrett as a building block until he gets it.

RJ Barrett will connect with a shot to the wizard on Thursday.

Barrett’s resilience this night symbolizes what these Tivodonix are. He fouled Garrison Mathews and shot three at the beginning of the first quarter. He couldn’t buy a basket.

But he found a way. He emoted at the end of the next third quarter. Follow-up layup.

“I was trying to get the team excited. I was excited myself,” Barrett said. “We had to fight, we knew we could get that victory, we all believed it.”

Tibodo, baby!

“I was able to see his confidence growing,” Thibodeau said. “He’s learning every day. The floor game really expands, he starts playing and watching the game. It finishes much better. The way he could stick to it, and just keep going.”

Barrett’s leadership and Mamba’s spirit when it was important were not lost in Randall.

“His spiritual toughness of being able to stay and play big at once speaks a lot about his growth and development,” he said.

Barrett did it all — 7 out of 22 shots with 24 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

“I wasn’t always on the move, but it was hard for RJ to step up.”

Knicks didn’t show up in this for too long.

They looked like David Fizzdale Knicks.

Wizards played as if this was Round 7 of the NBA Finals. Knicks played as if this was Round 7 of the preseason.

Reckless neglect of basketball, bullfighter defense, and ridiculous, non-stimulating play.

It was terrible enough when Russell Westbrook hit the bottom of the basket for Raul Neto’s three-point play in the second quarter. Tibodo shook his head with disgust. When Neto missed a free throw from the back rim, no one blocked him, so the ball returned to him for a layup.

Knicks missed the first eight threes before Immanuel Brinkley drilled one in the second quarter. They finished half 14 to 1. Randall was often postponed to his teammates in a double team. Who postponed to Wizards defenders? There were two shot clock violations.

Then RJ Barrett arrived. When asked about Randall, he said: “We’re just holding it down for him.”

RJ Barrett knows that he is the person who is expected to hold most of the events.

“I love this team,” Tibodo said before the match.

RJ Barrett reminded him why he did so.

RJ Barrett will be everything these Knicks represent

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