RJ Barrett of Knicks enters the 2021 Olympic qualifying eye medal

I’m tired and never rest.

In his second NBA season, RJ Barrett played in all 72 Knicks games and then in all five of the first round playoff series against Atlanta, which ended on June 2.

In less than a month, Knicks’ third pick in 2019 will return to court on Tuesday as Team Canada’s shooting guard against Greece (except Janis Adetokumpo) in Victoria, British Columbia.

Canada will host an Olympic qualifying tournament for six teams seeking the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics in late July, with all games airing on ESPN +. Only one country will move forward.

Barrett’s Canadian national team will also face China on Wednesday, and the next round will face Turkey, the Czech Republic or Uruguay.

Nick Nurse, head coach of Team Canada, who coaches the Raptors, was impressed with Barrett’s growth in the second season.

“He was playing in a major market at a very young age and he was just plugging it in,” Nurse said at Zoom last week. “I just keep saying,’He’s 21′. Anything is possible for this guy he’s in now. He’s made a big leap this year. He’s playing in the league he’s playing. There are some men who have grown considerably, so making such a leap tells a lot about him. “

Knicks RJ Barrett Olympics 2021 Canada
Knicks RJ Barrett will play for Team Canada in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
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The training camp started in Tampa last week. Barrett was trapped in a hotel awaiting camp on June 14th, his 21st birthday.

“That was annoying,” Barrett told Canadian reporters with a laugh at last week’s Zoom Call. “No, it was cool. I was just calling everyone, my family, and things. It wasn’t too bad because everyone made me feel special.”

Barrett grew up in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. Former St. John’s prominent father, Rowan, is GM of Team Canada.

Yes, this means a lot for Barrett. Team Canada hasn’t hosted the Olympic Games since the 2000 Sydney Games in Australia, but the team has eight NBA players, including Andrew Wiggins, Dwight Powell, Trail Rile’s, Nickel Alexander Walker and Lugentsdote.

Barrett played in two flagship basketball entities, Duke and Knicks. But he admitted that this was the “most special” event of his career.

“I always cherish it,” Barrett said. “No one can rob me of it, nor can I rob it of my country. I say it with great pride. That’s why I’m here now. I’m here. I’m trying to bring that feeling back to Canada and bring back the medals. I think this is the perfect time. We think it’s a good time. “

Barrett improved his 3-point shot from 32% to 40.1%, averaging 17.6 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3 assists in the second season, but the playoffs were disappointing. Despite an average of 14.4 points vs. Atlanta, he shot only 38.8% overall – 3 to 28%.

Knicks is excited about Barrett’s experience on another big stage, no matter how long it lasts.

“He picks everything up that way,” said the nurse. “He has the kind of infectivity he practices. He’s really active, energetic, focused, focused and smart.”

FIBA rules allow more physical contact than the NBA, but Barrett isn’t worried.

“Playing in the NBA feels like I know a little more about basketball games,” Barrett said. “Even the concept allows us to understand things faster and see a little more.”

Barrett is not the only Olympic athlete in Knicks. Julius Randle wasn’t on the Team USA roster, but Frank Ntilikina is back in Team France, where he’s already qualified and started his training camp.

In addition, Knicks’ new point guard signer, Luca Bildosa, is in Las Vegas with the Argentine Olympic team. Argentina is hosting a training camp in Las Vegas due to the high prevalence of COVID-19.

RJ Barrett of Knicks enters the 2021 Olympic qualifying eye medal

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