Rising housing costs are forcing more pet owners to give up their dogs

Lisa Spillman can’t imagine life without her beloved 8-year-old Chihuahua mix named Rosebud. However, her financial burden has increased.

“Everything — rent, groceries, dog food…everything is very expensive,” Spielman, 52, told CNBC.

And she’s not alone.

According to a new study conducted by pet care site roverthe majority of pet parents say they spend more money on animals than they did six months ago. say they have noticed an increase, up from 71% in January.

Rover also found that pet parents are trading in dog food, treats, accessories and more to accommodate the rising prices.

In some cases, owners are forced to say goodbye to their furry best friend.

Spielman, who lives in Tucson, was forced to move after his rent skyrocketed nearly 40%. Her only option was a place where she wouldn’t take her dog.

“Losing my baby who loved me so much hurt so much,” Spielman said.

Pima Animal Care Center In Tucson, more and more pet owners are saying they’ve been forced to give up their animals due to housing concerns, including evictions and a lack of affordable housing, said shelter director Monica Dangler. It is said that there are many. A year ago, housing-related surrenders accounted for her 6% of shelter surrenders; now she accounts for 18%.

Dogs awaiting adoption inside the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona.


“It’s staggering, and you know, with inflation and rising market prices for housing, it’s sad that people have to surrender for things that are beyond their control,” Dangler said. Told.

Although the number of animals entering shelters is down more than 14% from before the pandemic, shelters across the United States are still overwhelmed. shelter animal count, track animal conservation across the country. So far this year, he has had 6% more animals entering the shelter than those leaving the shelter, according to the organization.

“In recent months, many shelters have reported that the reasons why people need to release animals have changed,” the organization’s executive director, Stephanie Filer, told CNBC. are seeing issues related to housing and the economy more generally as reasons why they must say goodbye to their pets.”

Dog owner Lisa Spielman, 52, holds her 8-year-old Rosebud.


In Kansas City, Missouri, KC pet project According to Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate, it is expected to welcome a historic number of 15,000 pets this year.

“We need the community to help us get through this through adoption, nurturing and helping us save lives,” Fugate said. I strongly encourage you to participate.”

As of 2022, 40% of dogs in shelters have been abandoned by their owners due to housing or financial constraints.

“[Families] They don’t want to give up their pets, but they come to us as a last resort because they have no other choice,” Fugate said.

Exterior of KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri


A few months ago, Veronica Glora had to say goodbye to her two miniature schnauzers, Oreo and Cookie.

“We’ve come to a point where we have to choose our kids over our pets,” Gurrola told CNBC. It looks like – except for payment, you know.”

One refuge in New York City, animal care center in new york cityreported that 4,567 animals had been surrendered so far this year. This is his 22% increase from the same period last year.

β€œThe economy forces a lot of people to move elsewhere,” said Katie Hansen, Shelter’s director of marketing and communications. “They either lost their jobs or can’t afford the 30% rent increase. That’s one of the biggest reasons people have to give up their animals.”

For some, separation is temporary. Both Spillman and his Gurrola were able to retrieve the dog.

Their local shelter has a foster care program that puts dogs in short-term care while their owners recover.

“I really appreciate it,” said Spielman, who now lives in a pet-friendly home in Tucson with a backyard of rosebuds. She missed us as much as she did.”

Rising housing costs are forcing more pet owners to give up their dogs

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