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Rikers Island observer accused of using prisoners as “executors” to punish other prisoners

A prisoner at the infamous Rikers Island prison in New York claims that guards used other prisoners as “executors” to defeat rough justice as part of a plan called the “World Tour.”

Jomonni Morris, 19, claimed in court documents that he was selected by an observer when he began discussions with one of the team.

He was badly beaten and left in need of stitching, but Warden mocked his injury and posted his image next to the Chucky doll in the horror movie on the bulletin board.

Morris, who was charged with attempted murder in two shootings in 2018, was detained at the Dabolen Complex section of the facility at the time.

Authorities suspect Morris belongs to a subset of the Crips gang, NYPD sources New York Daily News.. Authorities say most of the violence in city prisons is related to gangsters.

After a dispute with the jailer, he was placed on what was called a “world tour.” This is a plan for prisoners to move to different parts of the prison and other prisoners working with guards to attack newcomers.

The· New York Daily News I explained that it is a resurrection version of the “program”. This is a similar plan in the same section of the prison that was disbanded by the Bronx District Attorney in 2008.

Two prison officers and seven prisoners who participated in the program were convicted in October 2008 of being fatally beaten by 18-year-old Christopher Robinson.

Morris’s problem escalated in February, and the proceedings allege that a prisoner who should not have been in the same prison as him broke his jaw.

“This assault was preventable and police officers had the opportunity to intervene, but could not intervene because (Morris) was on a’world tour’and the assault was carried out,” the proceedings said. ..

A month later, the prison officer put another prisoner in Mr. Morris’ cell, where he stole his belongings.

Morris was then transferred to another location in the prison, the George R. Bierno Center.

In April, he was “severely beaten” by a prisoner who acted on the orders of a prison officer, the proceedings said.

According to the proceedings, the detainee cut off Morris’ face, leaving a 13-centimeter cut that required 100 needles.

The guards then allegedly distributed photos of Morris, Facebook’s private group. New York Daily News Reported his wounds in comparison to the Chucky doll in the horror movie Play house..

Fitzgerald David, a former prison officer and voice critic of the Orthodontic Leadership Department, commented on the post that Morris’s injury was the result of reduced search for prisoners due to coronavirus precautions.

David denied the existence of “world tours” and “programs,” saying that “suit and tie types” did not understand the language used in prisons.

“If someone says a prison officer will transfer a prisoner, they’re a mother’s liar,” David said. “It can be said that they were a mother’s liar. The correction officer does not make rules.”

He had little sympathy for Mr Morris.

“He was probably one of the mothers who had sent the soil to other prisoners, and he got what came to him,” he said.

“They finally reached his a **. That’s what usually happens. You get a prisoner who can’t live in this house, can’t live in that house. 9 out of 10 times, The department transfers and transfers them — but you can only do it for now. With the correction of other prisoners, you can only do so much dirt. “

The Correction Bureau declined to comment. The City Legal Department said the proceedings would be reviewed.

Morris’ mother, Darlene Pound, worked on Rikers Island until she retired in 2018, saying her son knew everything about the “program” from her story.

“I learned from my son that he was on a’World Tour’, which means that prisoners are being represented by prison officers to manage certain prisoners,” she told the newspaper.

“Prisoners have been moved from region to region to be preyed on by these agents. A former colleague found that” World Tour “was the new name for the” Program. ” ”

Ms. Pound said she was worried that history might be repeating.

“No other child experiences this and feels like Christopher Robinson needs to speak up to ensure that his or her life will be brutally robbed,” she said. Told.

In 2017, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to close the infamous prison island within the next decade and move prisoners to other prisons in the city.

Morris’ attorneys Catherine Smith and Michael Rogiudis said the case of their client was not uncommon.

“The city has a long-standing policy of allowing and actually encouraging prison officers to put the law in their hands,” they said.

“When prison officers use other prisoners, such as their own private gangsters, to attack prisoners on their behalf, they perpetuate the cruelty and violence that plagues Rikers Island.

“The cycle needs to be stopped.”

Rikers Island observer accused of using prisoners as “executors” to punish other prisoners

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