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Rikers Island guards jump from the bridge to his death in a heartbreaking tribute to his decade of service to New York.

A 10-year correctional officer on Rikers Island died on Friday morning after jumping off the Veraza Nonarrows Bridge.

According to police, 38-year-old Edward Roman jumped around 6:30 am. Authorities are currently seeking reforms within a New York City prison.


Edward Roman died on Friday morning
The Romans jumped from the Verazanonarrows Bridge and died


The Romans jumped from the Verazanonarrows Bridge and diedCredit: Citizen

Police said Rome was withdrawn from the water by the United States Coast Guard. According to Staten Island Advance, he was later sentenced to death at Staten Island University Hospital.

Benny Bosio, president of the Prison Officer Charity Society, called for stressors and working conditions to deal with when prison officers admit Rome’s death.

“Prison Officer Roman was very much liked and respected by his fellow prison officers. He had all of his life and career in front of him,” Bosio said.

“This tragedy is also a solemn memory of the vast amount of stress correctors we face on a daily basis. The deteriorating situation in our prisons does more than just affect the inmates.

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“Our officers go to work every day without knowing if they’ll go home just like they left. They’re forced to work in two or three shifts, so with their loved ones. I go to work every day without knowing if I will miss my time. “

The incident occurs the day after New York City Mayor Eric Adams signs a presidential order seeking a solution to the city’s prison staffing problem and situation.

A committee led by lawyer Brendan McGuire and Deputy Mayor of Public Security Phil Banks will work to resolve these issues.

“I call on the newly formed Ryker’s Task Force to immediately address the psychological sacrifices this work makes to my members and provide more access to counseling and other support services.” Said Bosio.

“Our heart is broken and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Roman officers and his fellow officers. We will do everything we can to support them during this difficult time. . “

Roman is from Long Island and joined the Corrections Bureau in December 2011.

“Edward Roman has honored the city and its sector as a prison officer for 10 years,” said DOC Commissioner Luis Molina.

“Our heartfelt condolences are directed at his family and loved ones. We were praying for his recovery, and now this tragic loss is felt throughout the agency. prize.”

Other officers were badly hit by the news of Rome’s death.

“We can never do the right thing. We are always working and we never meet our children,” one executive told Yahoo News.

“At least in the NYPD, you can get fresh air and go to Starbucks.”

The DOC said it makes counseling available to staff.

Many compliments have appeared throughout social media in honor of Rome.

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“Today, it’s very sad to know that Edward Roman, a prison officer at North Hospital Command, has died.

“Thanks to RIP. I would like to pray and condolence to all the friends and colleagues of the Roman officer’s family during this difficult time. Our heart is with you,” said New York City DOC. The Hispanic Society writes.

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Rikers Island guards jump from the bridge to his death in a heartbreaking tribute to his decade of service to New York.

Source link Rikers Island guards jump from the bridge to his death in a heartbreaking tribute to his decade of service to New York.

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