Rick Pitino assesses the impact of other coaches on the new college team

The cancellation of last season’s NCAA tournament by COVID-19 was a big blow to everyone involved in college basketball, especially bettors and sportsbooks.

However, the situation surrounding the blockade has forced many college programs to maintain their courses regarding coach changes, so bettors will take a break this season. Since the end of the season, only 21 have occurred and less than half of the handicaps are usually addressed.

There are many other anomalous factors in preparing for the next season, but some are unexpected at this time. The fewer new coaches you consider, the less burden you have.

Despite the small amount, coaching changes always make a big difference to the team’s outlook and should be considered near the top of the list of key handicap factors. Take a look at some notable changes and see how they affect the team’s record of wins and losses and their playing style.


2019-20 record: 12-17 SU, 12-16 ATS, 12-17 O / U

Former coach: Tim Cruz

New coach: Rick Pitino

analysis: Arguably the biggest coaching splash came from Iona. The Gaels pulled Rick Pitino out of what was thought to be retired. Pitino is not only a well-known brand, but also a championship-winning coach. He hopes to eventually raise Iona to Gonzaga level. It may be too enthusiastic, as he found nine open scholarships when he landed on Iona, and it certainly won’t happen right away.

For better or for worse in 2020-21: It gets worse before it gets better. Expect the program to become more competitive as the season progresses.

Wake Forest

2019-20 record: 13-18 SU, 16-15 ATS, 20-10 O / U

Former coach: Danny Manning

New coach: Steve forbes

analysis: Danny Manning spent six unstimulated seasons at Wake Forest, but the program never actually started. Manning had no impact on the expected recruitment. Lead ETSU to the 30-win season of 2019-20 and join Steve Forbes, who was widely regarded as the most popular product on the market. Forbes regains only two starters. ETSU is expected to slow down as last year’s effective ownership per game was about 4.0 less than Wake Forest on average.

For better or for worse in 2020-21: A little bad; implement a whole new system in difficult off-season.

Grand Canyon

2019-20 record: 13-17 SU, 10-18 ATS, 18-11 O / U

Former coach: Dan Majerle

New coach: Bryce Drew

analysis: The popular Magelle has been the face of Grand Canyon basketball for seven seasons, and the program has been successful and has risen to another level. His departure leaves a blank, but the GCU did not poach exactly anyone. Bryce Drew is a well-known product and took this opportunity to quit his job as an ESPN analyst. He finally coached Vanderbilt in the 2018-19 season. Vanderbilt was playing at about the same pace as the Grand Canyon a year ago. Drew welcomes two starters.

For better or for worse in 2020-21: A little bad; Drew works on the new system.

Rick Pitino assesses the impact of other coaches on the new college team

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