Review: Riz Ahmed Resonates “Sound of Metal” | Movie

Riz Ahmed appears in “Sound of Metal”.

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A large chunk of “Sound of Metal” is played completely silently. Forced to read subtitles and watch the action, we entered the world of a heavy metal drummer named Ruben, who lost his hearing before the performance.

When he discovers it’s not fleeting, the indie punker has to rethink his life. Does it include music? Lou of his girlfriend? His constantly moving RV?

Director Darius Marder plays much of the drama in the face of actor Riz Ahmed. There we feel fear, pain and loss. When he goes to an audiologist for a test, it becomes clear: change is essential.

Lou (Olivia Cooke) is worried that he may be addicted. She found a 13-step group in the community for the hearing impaired. So leader Joe (Paul Rachi) convinces her that she has to go alone. So she vows to leave him there and avoid contact.

Sound of metal

Ruben (Riz Ahmed) learns how to deal with hearing loss with “Sound of Metal” on the right.

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Like a little boy, Ruben is refraining. He fights inevitably and is surprised to see others lean forward. When a group of children show him the joy he has found in life, he decides to sell everything so that he can soften and fund a very expensive cochlear implant.

Murder is waiting to let us know if it works. Tentatively, Ruben has to decide what he really wants.

The “Sound of Metal” is enough to put us in Ruben’s position. Many of them know how Ahmed plays with emotions. He has great support from Raci, who doesn’t take a break, and Cooke, who knows how harsh love must be.

Review: Riz Ahmed Resonates “Sound of Metal” | Movie

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