Returning to the Premier League, Leeds turns to Jay-Z agency to grow

London (AP)-Returning to the Premier League for the first time in 16 years, Leeds is now backed by Jay-Z’s sports and entertainment marketing agency to enhance the brand and global appeal of North British clubs. I am.

“It’s a lot of fun to see the team on the pitch,” Roc Nation Sports International President Michael Yomark told The Associated Press. “It’s a great pastime.”

Leeds has only scored 10 points since the opening eight games, but he had a thrilling performance. This includes defending champion Liverpool losing 4-3 in the opening round of the weekend.

With the charismatic Marcelo Bielsa in charge, the team’s offensive intent helped to beat Neutral in the style of football.

“They are a really fun team to watch, whether they win or lose,” said Yomark. “They play fast-paced brands of football and can come back whenever they can score a goal, so they never miss the match.”

Roc Nation is working with Leeds to increase the club’s name recognition, especially in the United States and China, taking advantage of the team’s memory of winning the British League in 1992 and reaching the Champions League semifinals in 2001. I am.

“We have this generation who knows and remembers a lot about us,” Leeds football director Victor Alter told AP. “Sure, we need a new generation that I call the FIFA generation, because in many cases we haven’t appeared in video games and are now in video games.

“I’m convinced that people under the age of 18 are now starting to know us, and that’s the generation we need to get outside of the UK as well. That’s our challenge. And our goal. “

Roc Nation works with Leeds in marketing to expand its brand and commercial sales, but the agency also works with the club to promote inclusiveness and cultural diversity.

Prior to Sunday’s home match against Arsenal, a mural was unveiled in Leeds featuring Kalvin Phillips, a boyhood fan who is currently on the team, and two former stars from the South African team. Albert Johannesson was the first black player to play in the FA Cup final when Leeds played against Liverpool at Wembley in 1965. Lucas Radebe capped Leeds for nearly a decade at a club that ended in 2005, the year after the team was demoted from the Premier League.

“The connection with South Africa is really great,” Alter said.

Leeds secured his promotion to the wealthiest league in the world, and Yomark was on the Elland Road grounds in July to collect the second tier championship trophy.

“Especially now, at this time of the COVID period, we all have to find hope somewhere,” said Yorker, an American who has lived in the UK for 13 months. “And in Leeds, they find hope through football clubs.”


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Returning to the Premier League, Leeds turns to Jay-Z agency to grow

Source link Returning to the Premier League, Leeds turns to Jay-Z agency to grow

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