Restaurant workers take a break from work again due to a new surge in coronavirus

Waiters and bartenders have been kicked out of work as the governor and local authorities closed indoor eateries to counter the nationwide surge in coronavirus infections that overwhelmed hospitals and shattered expectations for a rapid economic recovery. I am.

And the timing just before the holidays didn’t get any worse.

Los Angeles County restaurant owner Greg Morena was trying to understand his next steps after county officials banned face-to-face meals for at least three weeks starting Wednesday. But he was mainly afraid to have to notify his employees.

“When I tell a staff member with family and children,’I can’t hire you on vacation,’ I still don’t understand that part. That’s the heaviest weight I carry,” he said earlier this year. Morena, who runs two restaurants in Santa Monica Pier, said she had to close one restaurant.

Randine Karnitz, a server in Elk River, Minnesota, said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was hitting the hospital with a record high in infections.

“Well, your last day is tomorrow. You don’t have a job. You can thank the governor,” Kanitz told his boss. She said her husband’s manufacturing time was also shortened and his family was forced to postpone home repairs.

However, Kanitz said he supported the shutdown and said that those who did not take the virus seriously had a lot of responsibility.

“If we were all playing our part from the beginning, I don’t think we would be in this predicament,” she said. “Unfortunately, things only get worse before the service industry gets better.”

Restaurant owners (mostly closed in spring and summer) find it difficult to close new ones when cold weather begins. Many restaurants offer curbside pickups, but they are trying to host outdoor meals, even if it means installing shelters or heaters. ..

Some have challenged the shutdown order in court, but with little success.

A federal judge refused to suspend a three-week ban on indoor dining in Michigan last week after industry groups complained that restaurants were being mistreated. The judge said restaurants differ from other companies in that customers must remove their masks to eat and drink.

A California judge denied a request on Monday to temporarily restore indoor services at restaurants and gyms in San Diego County. The judge said there was scientific evidence in support of Governor Gavin Newsom’s radical public health order.

In the United States, more than 12.4 million cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed, killing more than 258,000 people. As of Monday, approximately 86,000 (highest ever) were admitted to US hospitals with COVID-19.

Infections lead to a shortage of beds and health care workers, threatening surgery and other care not associated with COVID-19.

On average, the United States records over 172,000 new cases per day. An average of more than 1,500 people die each day. This is the highest level since May.

Los Angeles County restaurant owners claim that the infection is likely to come from a private gathering that does not have rules regarding masks and spaced seats.

“The same people who want to go to the bar will go to a party at their house,” said Britney Valles, owner of the Los Angeles guerrilla tacos. “You will never see them until they spread the coronavirus around Willinilly. It’s insane.”

Valles said he broke down on Saturday because he realized that this could be the last time he met some of his employees, at least for some time. She had to dismiss an employee for the third time, and she worked on Monday to plan to retain as much employment as possible.

She has already opened a coffee shop that serves breakfast burritos. She plans to extend those hours, continue to run the taco business for lunch takeaways, open burger joints to deliver meals at night and provide food to go.


Webber reported from Fenton, Michigan. Peters from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And Mary in Los Angeles.

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Restaurant workers take a break from work again due to a new surge in coronavirus

Source link Restaurant workers take a break from work again due to a new surge in coronavirus

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