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Republicans target Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg at House Judiciary Committee open-air hearings

new york — A rare field hearing was held near Monday. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office Followed by Indictment of Former President Donald Trump.

Republican-led House Judiciary Committee Congressman Jim Jordan The governor of Ohio, who billed it as an investigation into the DA’s crime and victim policy, said he was vulnerable to crime.

The hearing lasted about four hours.Democrats called it a partisan stunt tried to shift focus to the gun.

“Today’s hearing is about the administration of justice,” Jordan said. “The policies that this District Attorney is enforcing are trying to ruin this great city.”

“The reason we’re here in New York is because we have Democrats and people want relief from this pain,” Rep. Matt Gates said.

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Democrats called it all fake.

Rep. Adam Schiff said, “It’s an attempt to sabotage the administration of justice.” is to do.”

“It’s an excuse to bully the district attorney by pretending to be a tourist in New York,” he added. Congressman Jerry Nadler.

Protesters packed the hall, chanting “the hearing is fake.” Trump supporters responded with chants of “USA, USA.” Members of the public were kicked out after a long outburst. He was taken out of the building by the police.

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Some wondered why Manhattan was chosen for the Violent Crime Hearing when its rate of violent crime is below the national average.

“In 2020, Ohio had a 50% higher homicide rate than New York City,” said Jim Kessler, co-founder and senior vice president of the Policy of the Third Way. “And assault was…34% higher, and robbery was…146% higher.”

Despite the stats, Republicans defended the location.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs said, “There is a perception that this city is not safe.

They say they plan to hold public hearings in other cities as well. CBS2 asked for details.

Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson said: “There are five or six cities on the list, but I don’t know which ones are due when.

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Monday’s witness list included family members of crime victims.

“My son is dead forever,” said Madeleine Blame, the mother of a murder victim.

When asked if he felt he was being used for political purposes, Brahm replied, “I would be happy to participate.”

Jose Alba also testified. Bodega worker arrested last year after stabbing attacker to deathThe charges were later dropped.

“I don’t think law enforcement and the public prosecutor’s office fully investigated the case. They rushed to the verdict and it made me suffer,” Alba said through an interpreter.

Lawmakers were also contacted by the heads of the city’s detective union and an anti-gun violence group.

“More than 70 percent of the guns used in crime across New York City and New York State come from states like Florida, Carolina, and Georgia, outside of Iron Pipeline, which are states with weaker gun laws,” says Rebecca Fisher. said. Executive Director of the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia said, “If Republicans really wanted to stop violent crime, they would join forces with Democrats in D.C. now to pass common-sense gun laws.

The Commission did not ask Bragg to testify at the hearing, nor did it ask Mayor Adams or anyone else at City Hall to testify.

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