Republicans say religion, freedom gives meaning to their lives, and Democrats quote health: pol

Republicans tend to say that religion, spirituality, freedom, and patriotism make a lot more sense to their lives than Democrats, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

Among Republicans and independents who are devoted to GOP, 22% said that spirituality, religion, or religion gives them the meaning of life. Among Democrats or pro-Democrats, 8% said the same thing.

Evangelical Protestants, a very Republican group, “are likely to specifically refer to faith and religion as sources of meaning (34%),” Pew said.

In a poll of 2,596 adults in the United States, we were asked: What keeps you moving and why? ”

The survey took place in February and details were announced this week.

Both Republicans and Democrats have cited “family and children” as the number one factor that makes sense in their lives.

However, Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to refer to words such as “God,” “freedom,” “country,” “yes,” and “religion.” Democrats are much more likely to refer to words such as “new,” “dog,” “reading,” “outside,” “daughter,” and “nature,” Pew said.

A Republican told the Pew Research Center: “Life without Jesus is meaningless, sad, and desperate. We can find joy, love, peace, and good only through our daily relationship with Christ.”

“My faith and the ability to choose to be grateful, optimistic and fun continue to move me,” a Republican woman told the study.

Republicans are also more likely than Democrats to “bring freedom and independence as something that gives meaning to their lives” (12% vs. 6%), Pew said.

A Republican woman said: Being able to express your opinion without worrying about retaliation. “

A Republican man said freedom meant “keeping the true meaning of being an American first and defending the Constitution and freedom of speech.”

Researchers, on the other hand, have found that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to cite physical and mental health as something that gives meaning to their lives. They also mention the COVID-19 pandemic more often.

“The biggest thing for me is health,” a Democratic man told the study. “If you don’t have health, you don’t have much. Everything else can come later, but you need to have your health.”

National identity was also more prominently quoted by Republicans.

A Republican man said he was “born in America” ​​and gave meaning to his life. A Republican woman said, “I’m a first-generation American and I think it’s the greatest country in the world. I’m very grateful to live here.”

“16% of Republicans referred to country, patriotism, national sentiment, or the state of the American economy or society as a source of meaning, compared to 12% of Democrats,” Pew said.

Americans tend to refer to political leaders as more meaningful to their lives than citizens of other countries, but in that context it was either President Biden or former President Donald Trump. Only 2% of Americans.

A Republican woman said that what gives meaning to her life is “the power and spine taught by President Trump, the meaning of standing up violently in the face of idiots.”

However, Pew said in an investigation that Democrats “celebrated Mr. Trump’s absence and declared that life was meaningful through job satisfaction.” Enough free time and money to enjoy life. There is little racial inequality. Donald Trump and his fanatics are few. “

Republicans say religion, freedom gives meaning to their lives, and Democrats quote health: pol

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