Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee urge Merrick Garland to stop investigating school disputes

Attorney General Merrick Garland pressured to stop his investigation into the school board’s dispute on Monday after a national group urging him to intervene to apologize for raising concerns about domestic terrorism in a letter. Was done.

Nineteen Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee have called on Mr Garland to revoke the October 4 order to mobilize federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to address threats to school officials. From the National Board of Education Association.

The association’s board issued a memo to state affiliates on Friday, stating that “some of the languages ​​contained in the letter are unjustified.”

“On October 22, 2021, the NSBA expressed regret and formally apologized for the letter to President Biden,” said a letter from the Republican House of Representatives on Monday. “The NSBA letter is the basis of your memorandum, and it has been and will continue to be read as it threatens parents and chills the rights of the First Amendment to the Constitution. Responsible Code of Conduct is that you are completely and clearly your immediate memorandum. “

Garland was asked about the memo at a Republican committee hearing on Thursday accusing him of trying to muzzle his parents facing the local board on issues such as critical race theory and masks. , He denied.

“Parents have a clear right to direct the upbringing and education of their children, especially when the school board seeks to introduce a controversial curriculum. Local law enforcement agencies (not the FBI) ​​are local. It’s the right authority to deal with threats and violence, “said a letter led by Commission’s ranking Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

In his memo, Garland quoted the NSBA letter in the Commission’s testimony, citing “a surge in threats of harassment, intimidation and violence” against school officials.

NSBA links to 20 articles, most of which relate to angry parents at school board meetings.

Two of the articles were about arrests. Scott Smith, a Virginia parent arrested in June, later said he sought an answer from the Loudoun County Board of Education on suspicion of sexually assaulting his daughter in a school toilet.

Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman of the Tea Party Patriots, also called on the Department of Justice to end the school investigation on Monday.

“Given the NSBA’s apology, the FBI should immediately stop investigating parents who spoke at a local school board meeting. The FBI shouldn’t have done so in the first place,” she said. “Parents interested in educating their children should be praised rather than treated as potential domestic terrorists.”

“We are investigating peaceful protests and parental involvement at school board meetings,” Garland said in a hearing, saying the Department of Justice is focusing solely on intimidation and violence against school officials. No, “he insisted.

The Washington Times contacted the Department of Justice for comment.

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Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee urge Merrick Garland to stop investigating school disputes

Source link Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee urge Merrick Garland to stop investigating school disputes

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