Republican Senator Requests Hearing Before Voting to Abolish Iraq War Approval

The Senate Republicans are demanding that Congress hold a hearing before voting to withdraw permission to use military force against Iraq.

Republicans, led by Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, sent a letter to Robert Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the Democratic Party of New Jersey, requesting a briefing that was classified as a hearing before the vote took place.

“We need to fully assess the situation on the ground, the impact, and how enemies, including ISIS and Iran-backed militia groups, react,” Senator wrote. It is also important to consider the diminishing presence in the region and the imminent withdrawal policy and potential legal implications of the military from Afghanistan. “

In his letter, the senator called for the hearing to be transparent and include top executives from the Department of State, the Pentagon, and intelligence agencies. Parliamentarians also urged President Biden to make available administrative officers for confidential briefings on this topic.

“The administration should also file a proceeding with Congress in a closed and classified environment to ensure that all questions are answered,” the Senator wrote.

The letter was issued last week after the Democratic-led House of Representatives voted to abolish approval for the 2002 Iraq War. This authorization legally supported the US invasion of Iraq and the expulsion of Saddam Hussein.

Supporters of deauthorization, including Mr Biden, argue that the president’s war powers resolution need to be curtailed and parliamentary control reasserted.

“Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. The Iraqi government is democratic and is working closely with the United States to combat security threats,” said Steny Hoyer, leader of the Maryland Democratic Party. The party leader said. “The reason for this [authorization] There is no enactment anymore. “

However, some are worried that US geopolitical enemies, including terrorist groups in the Middle East, may benefit if this issue is not properly studied. In particular, ISIS and al-Qaeda are at the top of the list of combatants who may see their fate improve in Iraq if Mr. Biden’s hands lead to retaliation.

“Legal and practical application of 2002 [authorization] It goes far beyond the defeat of the Saddam Hussein administration. ” Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who opposes the abolition effort, said. “It’s reckless to throw it away without answering the real question about our own efforts in the area.”

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Republican Senator Requests Hearing Before Voting to Abolish Iraq War Approval

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