Republican primary candidates wrestle for Trump Mantle in the first volley of the TV advertising war

Former President Donald Trump has emerged as the mainstay of campaign advertising in the 2022 Republican primary, and candidates are vying with Mr. Trump for the person most allied to his America First agenda.

From Alabama to Ohio to Pennsylvania, Republican candidates have already invested at least $ 2.2 million in Trump-inspired ads, according to data from nonpartisan advertising tracker Advertising Analytics.

“Trump was faithful to shape and branded his own name. People soon think of things like” fighters, “” dissidents, “and” making America great, “Brett said.・ Doster said. GOP Strategist. “Even if Republican candidates don’t agree with him on all issues, owning a brand conveys their value and testosterone levels.”

“On the contrary, disowning a brand is dangerous, if not fatal,” he said.

Indeed, anti-Trump ads are rare. Viewers are more likely to get twice the dose of Trump from candidates running for the same office, especially in the red states and red parliamentary districts where Trump’s star power is unmatched.

Governor Kate Ivy of Alabama recently aired a campaign ad featuring her image of talking to Mr. Trump at an airport tarmac.

Her rival, Trump’s main donor, Linda “Lindy” Blanchard, described herself as a businessman and an outsider and introduced herself to voters as a Trump-like person.

The ad flashes her photo with Mr. Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.Narrator says Mrs. Blanchard “will fight for President Trump.” [border] “The wall,” he said. “President Trump has nominated her as the Slovenian ambassador.”

The ad ended as follows: “Faith-driven, trusted by President Trump, and a conservative outsider for the governor, Lindy Blanchard.”

Blanchard test-run a message infused with similar playing cards during her short bid. US Senate This year, we will tell our viewers, “Send a loud and clear MAGA message to the swamp to stop the spread of socialism.”

Mr. Trump’s tenure ended in a chaotic manner with the loss of the White House in 2020. Republicans also US Senate, And a member of the House of Representatives voted on January 6, 2021 to impeach him for inciting an attack on the US Capitol with his stolen election claim.

Since then, Mr. Trump has conducted an unprecedented campaign to undermine the credibility of the results, maintaining his position as the most polarized person in recent US political history.

His dominance of major advertising wars shows that he remains a de facto leader Republican It has a solid foundation of grassroots support.

And Mr. Trump hasn’t let go PartyOn Saturday at the “Save America” ​​rally in Arizona, he declared that he would “come back on something that no one had ever seen.”

This month’s Economist / YouGov poll found that his favor lies in the waters of adult citizens, including independent businesses.

However, 81% of Republicans have given him enthusiastic reviews, 57% of whom say they have a “very positive” view of him.

Attempting to take advantage of that sentiment made Republicans seeking Trump’s praise creative.

Some have aired ads in Mr. Trump’s backyard.

Businessman Jim Lamon, GOP Nominations US Senate In Arizona, last year, on cable television in New Jersey, Mr. Trump ran a place where he spent the summer at a golf club in Bedminster.

Nevada Governor Michele Fiore has aired an ad in Florida promoting his support for Mr. Trump.

“You better believe I was attacked for it,” Fiore says on the spot after getting off the black Ford F-150 with a gun with a holster on her waist. “We need outsiders, fighters, the same old boring, moderate and compromised blue blazer politician,” she said before handing the chip to the television that airs Senator Mitt Romney’s footage. Says.

Utah Republican Romney was a critic of Trump’s voice.

The competition to become a trampiest GOP Senate nomination race in Buckeye.

Ohio Republican Senate nominee Mike Gibbons aired an ad attacking rival JD Vance by not being with Mr. Trump.

“Vance called President Trump a” idiot “and said he was” blamed. ” The narrator is a 30-second spot, featuring an old footage of Mr. Vance, who says, “I’m a man who’s never a Trump’.” I didn’t like him. “

Gibbons said Vance “doesn’t belong to our team.”

“President Trump has made America safer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever,” he says. “President Trump fought for you, so I approve of this message, I do the same.”

It’s not all Lara Trump.

Former Daniel McCarthy GOP Candidates US SenateHas released a digital ad that promises to donate $ 1 million to Trump’s chosen charity if Trump discusses for 30 minutes at a Saturday rally in Florence, Arizona.

“The world is awakening to your massive crack,” McCarty says in a video. “Trump, you failed in America. You are the most deceptive president in American history.”

McCarthy then throws a red Make America Great hat to the ground, burns it with a flamethrower, and then flips it over to a double cab truck.

McCarthy lost 2020 GOP Primary with 25% of the votes cast for 75% of Senator Martha Maxary.

Republican primary candidates wrestle for Trump Mantle in the first volley of the TV advertising war

Source link Republican primary candidates wrestle for Trump Mantle in the first volley of the TV advertising war

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