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Republican New Medium-Term Attack: Condemning Biden for Formula Lack

Republicans aiming to regain control of Congress have already sharpened their blame-centered message. Democratic Party High inflation, expensive gas, cross-border immigration between the United States and Mexico, and violent crimes in some cities.

But GOP Leaders have embarked on an issue this week that they hope to become even more powerful. To connect the president. Joe Biden For lack of powdered milk.

Due to the ongoing supply disruption and recent safety recalls, parents suddenly bump into naked supermarkets and pharmacy shelves.But in an already volatile election year for Democrats, Republicans prove to be a particularly specific way to claim that Biden cannot quickly solve the problems facing the United States. I feel there is a possibility

“This is not a country in the Third World. This should never happen in the United States,” said Elise Stephanik, a Republican in New York who chairs the Republican Parliamentary Assembly.

The administration may be slow to respond to sudden political threats. Perhaps last year when signs of inflation began to surface. The White House seems determined not to repeat that mistake, and on Friday milk powder maker Abbott Laboratories will give a rebate to a program called WIC, like food stamps to help women, babies and children, until August. I announced that I promised that.

Biden argued that “there is no urgency we are working on” than addressing the shortfall.

Mr Biden was asked if his administration responded as quickly as needed. However, he acted as soon as the problem became apparent. “

However, the White House defense shows that pointing to the Biden administration is already widespread on television and social media among Republicans in Washington. It’s a new issue for Republicans, and Democrats believe that anger at the U.S. Supreme Court, which could end the right to abortion, can stimulate, prevent, or at least reduce women and other key voters. Sometimes it’s a way to deal with the family. Republican wave in November.

Full Republican coverage included a link between a shortage of infant formula and an increase in immigrants to the United States. This is one of the biggest problems trying to put it at the feet of an unpopular president. On Thursday, Republican Rep. Cut Camac shared an image of a shelf unit at the US Border Guard in Texas. On that shelf.

Cammack said Thursday that border guards sent her an image. The AP We do not independently verify the authenticity of the photo or the exact time it was taken. Some conservative professionals and the press are weaving even bigger and taller stories from photographs. Some argue that Biden is transporting “thousands” of infant formula pallets to the border while US parents struggle to find infant formula. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the image “shameful.”

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Friday that border guards “follow the law” requiring the government to provide adequate food, especially prescriptions for children under the age of one detained at the border. Stated.

Nonetheless, Republican political consultants call it a pre-existing issue that resonates with voters.

“This is one of the occasional consumer problems that people can understand very easily,” said Matt Makowiack, a Texas-based Republican strategist. I have to do it right away. “

In Washington, legislators are addressing shortfalls by scheduling hearings and requesting information from the FDA and formula makers as part of a thorough investigation. Democratic leaders of the House Commission on surveillance and reform have written formula makers seeking information, including the steps they are taking to increase supply and prevent price cuts.

“The lack of infant formula in the country poses a threat to the health and financial safety of infants and families in communities across the country, especially low-income people who have historically experienced health inequality, including food insecurity.” A letter to the president, Chris Calamari, states. Of Abbott Nutrition.

This letter seeks all documents related to the closure of the Abbott Nutrition factory in Sturgis, Michigan. Abbott Nutrition recalled several major brands of infant formula and closed the factory when federal authorities began investigating four infants with bacterial infections after consuming infant formula from the facility.

Abbott is one of the few companies that produces most of the US milk powder supply, so its recall has wiped out most of the market.

Democrats are framing shortages as an example of how Americans are harmed when a small number of large corporations dominate the market. But like inflation and high gas prices, their challenge is to explain the factors that contribute to the people.

Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, one of the most vulnerable Democrats re-elected this year, has complex roots in supply chain issues with formulas, microchips, petrol and other products, many of which. He said it dates back to the pandemic.

“It’s our responsibility to address these in Congress and figure out where to go and how to overcome these bottlenecks in the supply chain,” Kelly said. “But not for elections, because it affects people’s lives.”


Associated Press writer Jonathan J. Cooper of Phoenix and Joshua Boak, Kevin Freking, and Amanda Seitz of Washington contributed to this report.

Republican New Medium-Term Attack: Condemning Biden for Formula Lack

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